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Thank You Award

Make a Mark. Make it Matter. Dot Day Award

Create an award for a creative person you know whose creativity has made a mark.  Use this template to help you think through who to choose, how to think of a logo, the name of your award, and your presentation letter. If you want to make a Thank You for a local historical or community member, here's some information and directions.

Use ART PAD, Google Draw in your slide show, or paper to create the award logo. Be sure to include a dot!

 template will help you:
1 Pre-write Answer: What evidence would show the person "Made a mark and Made it matter"? Include the name of your person and at least two pieces of evidence that is accurate.

2 If you were to honor this person with an award, decide on the name of the award.

3. Pre-write what you would say to the person (how would you present it, or what would the award say to show WHY the person received the award).

4. Create your award in Google Presentation, insert your logo, add the name of the award and your person, and include your letter to present the award in the speaker notes.