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Genius Rubric

Genius Hour Rubric

Genius = creating and producing. That’s from the original meaning of the word.


Yes, I Have it!

Not yet!

Ambiguity - I’m OK with a little confusion, knowing there is more than one way to do the job.I don’t need to ask the teacher a lot of questions. I can think for myself and get the job done.I have to be told exactly how to do every job. There is only one right way to do the job.
Inquisitiveness - I ask questions and want answers.I am curious and I look up things that interest me. I’m a lifelong learner. I don’t ask questions just for the joy of learning, and I don’t really want to learn new things.
Generating Ideas (brainstorming) - I create lots of possible ideas.I am able to fluently create a list of ideas. I use my imagination. I cannot see beyond the obvious ideas. I am easily frustrated. I may be lazy.
Originality of Ideas - I create unique ideas!I can think outside the box and I have a great imagination. I think of ideas that others never even thought of. I can only think of ideas that others thought of first. I don’t like new ways of doing things. I just want to stick with the old way.
Flexibility/ Adaptability - Mentally, I can bend easily any which way and not break.I can think of new ways to do things when I get stuck. I can recognize other people’s good ideas.I am not willing to change my ideas or think of better ones.
Self-Reflection - I can look honestly at myself and evaluate my work.I can honestly go through my work and know what’s right or wrong.I lie about my work. I can’t or won’t look honestly at the things I do well and the things that need more work.
Intrinsic Motivation - I want to do it. I know the purpose and it pleases me.I want to try new things. I believe in myself.Not willing to try new things unless I get something for it.
Risk Taking - I’m not afraid to try something difficult for fear of failure. As Edison said: “I have not failed...I have succeeded in proving that 1000 ways will not work.”I’m not afraid to try anything even it I don’t do well at it. I keep trying and find a new way that might work. I don’t try new things for fear of failing. I try a couple times and give up altogether.
Expertise - I am proud and thankful to know a lot about one or more subjects. I am an expert.I know I am good at one or more things, and I am not afraid to share my knowledge with other.I don’t try to be expert at anything. I don’t want to be. Or I pretend to not know anything.

Getting ready for genius hour...What question do you want to answer? What do you need to do to get ready? How can your teacher help you get ready?