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What is it?

Contribute Genius is your opportunity to choose to develop a goal related to our CCSS that is what YOU want to learn. Choose something about which you are passionate, and something others would want to learn. Your work contributes to others' learning when you share the "genius" of your final project.  Here's how another class learned about Genius Hour.


In the 1950s 3M started a 15% project from which Post-Its and masking tape developed. Google took it further with the 20% project time, asking employees to spend 20% of their time at work developing a pet project that their job description did not cover. From that developed Gmail, AdSense, and Google News.

Innovate ideas flourished and even failed, but the benefits brought success.

Genius Hour in education extends those ideas to foster creativity, innovation, and intrinsic motivation while learning the cross-curricular skills important to today's learning and tomorrow's future.

What have other students done?

How have others added to the genius of the world? What contributions have other kids made?  Check it out: Others' Contributions

What if I fail?

It's About Error Recovery


Failure Avoidance

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. I cannot accept not trying."
~ Michael Jordan

What will I learn?

Genius Hour is designed for investigation: a topic of your choice in which you experience critical learning outcomes and apply  the content standards and the Common Core State Standards.  Your evaluation will be based on rubrics, depending on the type of project chosen.

What is expected?





Exhibit & Evaluate:

Blog Format -- your documentation

Create -- an informative presentation for others to learn from you


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