July 2020

Dear Students and Parents:

We are excited to be a part of your course selection process to select the best courses to meet your individualized needs for next year. As you select your courses for next year, you will be making critical decisions regarding the courses you wish to take; and, more importantly, the course level that will be appropriate for your academic success. We offer three levels of courses and to support you making this best choice we have included in the Program of Studies the full College Preparatory (CP) and Honors (H) criteria.  Please, it is imperative that both students and parents read through the Program of Studies and course levels carefully; by high school many students begin to show clear preferences for some topics and courses, and less enthusiasm for others.  Often, this suggests that they take a mixture of college preparatory and honors courses, depending on their interest and ability. 

Please understand that Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college courses.  The curriculum for AP courses is reviewed and approved by the College Board. The AP course expectations are consistent with the criteria established at most selective colleges and universities.  Our teachers maintain these high expectations in their AP classrooms; please understand that each AP course is extremely rigorous.

Our curriculum is demanding.  We have over 88.8% of our students attending college, as well as our students are meeting the high expectations of the global workforce. Please consult with your child’s teachers and guidance counselor if you have course level (CP, H, AP) questions.  Once entered, our scheduling leaves minimal opportunities for switching classes resulting in the course selection process being a critical step to a successful high school career. Please know that changing classes, including course levels, at a later date may disrupt other classes in the schedule, and in some cases cannot be done at all.  For this reason, our goal is to work with you to provide a challenging learning experience with responsible expectations for success both now and for the future.   

Lastly, keep in mind the broad number of opportunities your student has to explore his or her interests and curiosity.  In all of our departments, teachers have created exciting elective courses driven by their passion for teaching. As students venture out to take a myriad of elective courses, they support empowering themselves with knowledge on collegiate and workforce decisions. I encourage our students to enroll in an art course to foster creativity and grow their analytical skills. The same push is given in support of our applied arts courses that develop our students networking and global competitiveness skills. In many cases, students at Algonquin begin to recognize their own interests and passion from this deep assortment of classes which in turn helps them find their direction and their ultimate focus at the next level.


Mr. Bevan