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Pre-Kindergarten in the Helen B. Holland Early School

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy's Pre-Kindergarten in the Helen B. Holland Early School in the Lower School houses our developmentally-appropriate Pre-Kindergarten program for three and four  year-olds.  The program is designed with a thorough understanding of the general capabilities of this age group as well as with an appreciation of the needs and differences of the individual children enrolled.  The teacher serves as facilitator or guide and implements the curriculum, primarily by setting in place a classroom environment that will enhance the child's growth and development in all areas.  The environment has an emotional climate that is loving, nurturing and safe, as well as an educational climate that is stimulating and challenging.  In this classroom the child can make relevant discoveries about his world.

Pre-Kindergarten Handbook 2013-2014

Pre-K Pumpkin Patch and Darden's Store

Because young children learn through play, it is an important part of Pre-Kindergarten.  Children are given the opportunity  daily to play individually and in small and large groups.  A routine is followed each day with active times being alternated with quiet times.  Children often initiate their own play as well as participate in teacher-directed activities.  Music, art, foreign language, dramatic play, puzzles, stories, block building, learning and movement games, readiness activities, physical exercise, science explorations, show and tell, conversation time.....are all part of the Pre-Kindergarten experience.

Welcome to the NSA Pre-Kindergarten program - the heart and the start of our school! To read more about the NSA Pre-Kindergarten program, review the Pre-Kindergarten Handbook at right or download the PDF here.

Jean Mauck
Director of Pre-Kindergarten
Ashley Greene,
Aug 9, 2013, 10:15 AM
Ashley Greene,
Aug 21, 2013, 8:59 AM