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Faculty, A through L


Bailey, Annette--  Extended Care
Baker, Jeanette -- Pre-K Teaching Assistant 
Barbeau, Sonya--  Grade 3 Teaching Assistant--3-year diploma, Algonquin College
Bartoli, Elena--  Extended Care 
Bauer, Charlotte -- Extended Care -- B.S., Miami University of Ohio, M.S., Illinois State University
Bossick, Michele  -- Computer Instructor -- B.A., Western Maryland College
Brinkley, Kimberly -- Extended Care


Cale, Sybil -- Keyboarding - AAS., Paul D. Camp Community College
Chappell, Debbie  '72 -- Extended Care

Crigger, Terry - Third/Fourth/Fifth Grade Physical Education  - B.S., Elon University 


Dakos, Sofia  -- Lower School Art -- B.A.,University of Massachusetts, M.S.Ed., Old Dominion University
Daniel, Teresa Copeland  '77 -- Pre-Kindegarten Teaching Assistant
Davies, Ann -- Grade 2 -- B.S., James Madison University
Dewing, Mary  -- Grade 5-- B.S. Elementary Education, Longwood University
Duplain, Gayle  -- Lower School Library Assistant, Supervised Study


Elliott, Virginia Burton '86 -- Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Assistant -- B.A., JMU

Elswick, Marty '93 -- Grade 1  -- B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Forehand, Regina -- Grade 4 -- B.S., Old Dominion University
Fowler, Anne -- Grade 1, Lower School Reading Coordinator -- B.S. Mary Washington College, M.S. Ed., Old Dominion University


Garner, Lynne  -- Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Assistant -- Tidewater Community College

Gwaltney, Katelyn -- Grade 3  -- B.S., Longwood University


Hardison, Mary Hunter Naismith '01 -- Grade 2, Lower School Math Coordinator -- B.S.,Virginia Tech, M.A., William and Mary
Henry, Sara-- PK-3 - 4th Grade Spanish -- B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., University of Virginia
Hicks, Robbin -- Extended Care
Holland, Anita -- Extended Care


Johnson, Carol  -- Pre-K-5 School Counselor -- B.A., Westhampton College, M.S.Ed., Old Dominion University


Kirkby, Marilin -- Grade 3  -- B.S., University of Virginia, M.S., Old Dominion University


Leggett, Perry -- Physical Education (part-time) -- B.S., Elon College
Lovell, Ann  -- Extended Care, Director of Extended Care and Summer Camp -- Tidewater Community College

Luster, Katie--Extended Care
Luzzatto, Caroline--Kindergarten Teaching Assistant -- B.A., Emory University

Faculty, M through Z


Mauck, Jean -- Assistant Head of Lower School, Director of Pre-Kindergarten --B.A., College of William and Mary, M.S., Old Dominion University
McCormick, Marie -- Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
Mears, Cindy -- Lower School Science/Health Coordinator -- B.S., James Madison University, M.S., Old Dominion University
Medrano, Ginger -- Grade 2 Teaching Assistant
Morgan, Georgie -- Grade 5 -- B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University, M.S., Radford University
Mullin, Patricia -- Kindergarten Teaching Assistant -- B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, M.S., Old Dominion University


Nash, Linda -- Pre-Kindergarten, B.S., Elon College
Nuckles, Beverly -- Grade 1 Teaching Assistant
Newman, Sybil -- Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade Physical Education -- B.S., Averett University; M.S. Ed., Old Dominion University

Ottaway, Walter -- Grade 5 -- B.S., Regent University

Ourlian, Barbara - Grade 6 Teaching Assistant -- B.S., University of Hartford


Parker, Ann-- Kindergarten -- B.S., Old Dominion University, M.S. Ed., Old Dominion University
Peebles, Marilyn -- Extended Care
Perry, Colleen -- Grade 3 -- B.A., Christopher Newport University, M.S.Ed., Regent University
Persons, Maryanne -- Grade 4 -- B.A., College of William and Mary
Powell, Susan -- Kindergarten -- B.S., Lynchburg College

Psimas, Jennifer -- Grade 4 -- B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, M.S., Old Dominion University



Spanagel, Ann-- Music -- A.BUAD, Tidewater Community College, B.S., Old Dominion Unviersity, M.S.Ed, Old Dominion Unviersity 

Stewart, Hope -- Grade 1 Teaching Assistant -- B.S., Christopher Newport University

Suttle, Sharon '77 -- Grade 5 Teaching Assistant




Wade, Kim -- Grade 1 Teaching Assistant 
Wagner, Kim -- Grade 1 -- B.S., State University of New York at Genesco 
Weatherford, Debbie -- Grade 2 Teaching Assistant -- Radford College
Webb, Mindy '96 --  Pre-K 4 Teacher -- B.S.,Virginia Polytechnic Institute, M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Wentz, Pamela  -- Pre-Kindergarten 4 -- B.A., Hollins University
Wilkins, Brittany '08 - Fifth Grade Spanish - B.A. Boston College 
Woleben, Ann -- Head of Lower School Library -- B.A., Westhampton College
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