Welcome to the Innovation Lab!

Contact Information:
Name: Mrs. Potito
Room: Computer Lab 201
E-Mail: spotito@nrsd.net
Phone: Ext. 5202

Course Overview:
Grades 6-8 will explore creative and innovative ways to use technology in answering questions, completing collaborative projects, and solving problems while also learning how to effectively communicate those results. They will analyze, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources and media. They will demonstrate responsible and respectful digital citizenship while using internet resources and a variety of web tools. They will demonstrate keyboarding skills, an understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems, and the ability to troubleshoot when necessary. 

  • Computer Skills
    • Typing
    • Digital Communication
    • Online Etiquette and Safety
    • Word Processing
    • Digital Organization
    • Online Research
    • Using Web Browsers

  • Digital Citizenship
    • Digital Access
    • Digital Commerce
    • Digital Communication
    • Digital Literacy
    • Digital Etiquette
    • Digital Law
    • Digital Rights and Responsibility
    • Digital Health and Wellness
    • Digital Security

    • Web Tools, Apps, and Programs:
      • Google Apps for Education
      • Assessment Games and Tools
      • Blogging and Website Development
      • Book Publishing Tools
      • Cloud Storage Tools
      • Collaborative Tools
      • Content Curation Tools
      • Discussion Tools
      • Feedback Tools
      • Image Making Tools
      • Interactive Posters
      • Language Learning Tools
      • Mind Mapping
      • Note Taking Tools
      • Animation Tools
      • Photo Editing Tools
      • Presentation Tools
      • Productivity Tools
      • QR Codes
      • Research Tools
      • Screen Casting Tools
      • Video Production Tools
      • Survey and Data Collection Tools
      • Writing Tools

    • Programming and Coding:
      • Scratch
      • Alice
      • Hackety Hack

    • Chromebooks 101: (8th Grade)
      • Acceptable Use Policy
      • What is a Chromebook?
      • Chromebook Features
      • Apps, Extensions, Add-Ons
      • Files, Screenshots, Photos, and Videos