Welcome to Mrs. Willard's 4th Grade Class!
Upcoming Events
  • Apr 28th, Early Releast at 12:15pm
  • May 4th, field trip to Lowell: BRING A LUNCH
  • May 16th, Math MCAS
  • May 18th, Math MCAS
  • June 7th, field trip to Broad Meadow Brook

Specials Schedule for 2016-2017

A Day-PE 8:45-9:30                              Library 9:33-10:15 

B Day- Health 9:33-10:15        

C Day- PE 9:33-10:15                           Band 2:15-3:00                         (Starting mid Oct)

D Day- Art 9:33-10:15

E Day- Music 9:33-10:15

F Day- Technology 9:33-10:15

Class News

*As you are aware, we have a field trip coming up! We are going to Lowell to visit the Tsongas Industrial History Center on Thursday, May 4th. Please return the permission slip and $10 by Friday, April 28th. On the day of the field trip students will need to bring a disposable lunch. Lunches should be labeled with: student name, MRE, Yankees & Immigrants Program. Lunches should include a drink because there is no where to buy food. Students will not need a backpack for the trip. Please let me know if you have any questions.

*Headphones: If you could send your child to school with a small set of headphones (earbuds, or something small and inexpensive since they will be stored in your child's desk), that would be great. Please send them in a zip lock bag with your child's name on them. If you don't have a set to send in, I do have a few that have been donated, but not enough for each child.

*Agendas: Monday through Thursday students fill in their agendas with our homework and upcoming events. I check each agenda to make sure all the information is there and either sign it with my initials or I use a fun stamp to show that I checked it. Please look over your child’s agenda each night and initial or sign the bottom. By having signatures from both myself and parents, it helps us all be informed!

*Reading Logs: Students are expected to read at home on Monday-Thursday nights for at least 20 minutes, and then at least 1 time over the weekend (also for 20 min). So students should have at least 5 entries in their logs from at home each week. We will also be using the logs at school to record what they read during school. If your child forgets their reading log at school, they can use any piece of paper to record their reading on. Then we can attach it to their reading log for the week. Also, a copy of our reading log can be found on the "Forms" section of our class web site. I will be checking reading logs every day to see how students are doing.