3/2/17     Lip Sync 

3/3/17     Lip Sync

3/9/17  Parent/Teacher Conferences   afternoon & PM


3/10/17  Full Day Professional Development for the teachers.

3/17/17  St. Patrick's Day
 Early Release Day
Parent/Teacher Conferences
     (afternoon appointments)

3/23/17 Family Literacy Night
   in the MRE cafeteria.
School-wide Pajama Day

3/24/17  Report Cards issued
4/16/17 Easter
4/17/17-4/21/17 April Vacation
4/24/17 BACK TO SCHOOL and
      Family Math Night
Family Math Night is April 24th, 2017 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM (please pre-register ~ so the appropriate # of math game packages can be made.)

Traveling Story Book:  All About Math Workshop
At the beginning of our Non-Fiction Unit of Study, the children in our classroom wrote a book titled, "All About Math Workshop."  They came up with the idea by asking themselves 2 questions:  What are we experts at?  What do we know a whole lot about? They brainstormed ideas and made their decision on the topic.  They worked together and filled out a web to determine some headings and information to include in their story.  As the children worked together to share their ideas, I scribed their thoughts. As writers, they crafted an interesting beginning to "hook their audience.  Then referring back to their web the story began to develop. Once completed, their story was then transferred onto construction paper and they worked in cooperative groups to illustrate each page.  The children came together and sequenced their story and shared the work that they did in cooperative groups.  The story truly creates a great picture of our Daily Math Workshop.  I hope to use this book with future classes when introducing Math Workshop.(Kids teaching kids...its a great win win situation for all involved.)    This book is now traveling to each child's home and being shared with their families. The children are really excited when it is their turn to bring this book home to share.  Everyone enjoys hearing the comments families and friends are writing when it's returned daily.  Thank you kindly for the positive feedback.


A bookcase was built by a parent from Mrs. Kulis' 1st Grade Class.  After the bookcase was built, Mrs. Kulis had the class vote on a theme for the bookcase as a part of a new math unit they began in January- Collecting and Interpreting Data. The choices that the children were able to chooses from were based on units they had and will cover over the course of the school year.  The students voted on "Ocean Animals" as their theme.  The bookcase is made of solid wood and is painted with four shades of blue to represent the four zones of the ocean: A light blue for the Sunlight Zone, a medium blue for the Twilight Zone, a dark blue for the Midnight Zone and a dark, almost black blue to represent The Abyss. Together with parent volunteers, the students  created fish hand-prints to decorate the bookcase and faces were drawn on each one.  Every student in Mrs. Kulis' class participated in this project and enjoyed painting their hands different colors for their fish.  While each fish is a hand-print, they are all different and unique; much like our wonderful students and all the fish in the ocean.     The PTO Auction was held on April 8th...and the bidding was wild!!!  Our classroom bookcase was purchased by one of our classmate's parents!  WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They got themselves a truly beautiful piece of furniture and the PTO increased their funds!  Thanks to all who made this night a huge success. as well as thanks to all who came to support this endeavor!  It's a win-win situation for all involved.

Just a reminder that anyone that would like to volunteer either in the classroom or with a future field trip must have both a Cori-Check and Fingerprinting completed and on file with Mary Rowlandson Elementary School.  Please do this now so that everything is in place and non one is disappointed.

Community Reading Day was celebrated at MRE on Thursday, March 9th.  A big THANK YOU to all of the community members who came and read to the children.  Each reader was escorted from the MRE Cafeteria to their selected classroom by two students from each class.  Our community reader was Mr. Sampson.  He introduced himself as a retired 1st grade teacher who has multiple other jobs.  He is a Lunenburg firefighter; an EMT and he teaches fish to climb a ladder and use an elevator!  The kids were hooked!!!
Mr. Sampson read the story, "STUCK", by Oliver Jeffers and made the story come alive with his expressive voice. When the story was over, the children got to write about their favorite part of the story and design their own kite.  It was a fun-filled time for all!  Thank you kindly Mr. Sampson!  You were a big hit!