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Mr. Daryl Peirce
7th Grade Social Studies
Luther Burbank Middle School
Room: D-123
Email: dpeirce@nrsd.net
twitter: @7thSSLBMS

Days After School

   Available after school (Monday-Thursday)
when notified ahead of time by students unless
I have an appointment.

Social Studies Update!

   Spring in New England.....one must have a good sense of humor about things.  Warm weather is just around the corner and the kids can sense it.  It is easy to tell with the increase in their energy level and excitement.  For the remainder of April we are finishing up our unit on Africa.  The students have studied the geography/physical features, colonialism on the continent by European nations, a Case Study of South Africa and Apartheid and we are wrapping things up with a Case Study of Sudan/South Sudan, Darfur and The Lost Boys of South Sudan.  This unit ends with a powerful presentation by a former Lost Boy that I am sure will captivate the students and make our discussions and their learning come to life.....literally.  
    Our next unit will be Southwest Asia (Middle East).  As always, if any questions please contact me!

~Mr. Peirce

Instructional Materials

World Studies Textbook Series by Prentice Hall
A Long Walk to Water (A Novel)

7th Grade Social Studies