Punk Rope Activity Grades 3-8

Starting our 12th year of Punk Rope at FSS!!!!  Fall 2019 Information

Tuesday, 10/29:  Introduction to Punk Rope Session for first time jumpers

First day for first time jumpers!!!!  For students who are new to Punk Rope, on Tuesday, October 29th I will be offering an introduction to Punk Rope session (this is not a requirement to participate) starting at 7:45 in the Florence Sawyer Gym.  This will include rope sizing, jumping basics, and an opportunity to experience some of the non-jumping activities for the first time before the full group activity starts on Thursday, October 31st.  (Please note that if there are older siblings who are participating, they are welcome to come on the 29th also.)

Students should be dropped off at the Sawyer GYM door

Fall sessions for all Punk Ropers

          For all Punk Ropers, the Punk Rope activity will start on Thursday, October 31st and be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:45 – 8:25 am in the FSS Gym.  Students may choose to come either day or both days.  Previous participation is not required.  Fall dates are:


          Tuesdays                                  Thursdays

          10/29 (first time jumpers)          10/31                                                                 

          11/5                                        11/7

          11/12                                      11/14

  11/19                                     11/21

          11/26                            No school Thanksgiving -11/28

          12/3                                        12/5

          12/10                                      12/12


There is no cost for this program and jump ropes are provided.  Students should wear flat soled sneakers (tennis shoes, basketball sneakers) with good lateral support.  If there is any kind of school delay, the program for that day will be cancelled. 

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Jayne Richards,
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