Set a goal of 5, 10, 15, or your own number to your own books and books that you want to read. See the book recommendations below. You can click on the covers for more information.                                                      

             The Giver Gathering BlueMessenger Son
The Great White Shark ScientistThe Girl Who Drank the Moon Aru Shah and the End of TimeGoogle It
                    WishtreeArlo Finch in the Valley of FireTumble & BlueThe Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell PittsLucky Broken GirlIvy Aberdeen's Letter to the WorldThe Perfect ScoreAll Summer Long                  Greetings from Witness Protection!Strange StarThe Epic Fail of Arturo ZamoraLike VanessaThe Adventurers GuildSee You in the CosmosThe Pants ProjectThe Losers ClubMonsterland           Halfway NormalDeep BlueLast Day on MarsThe Last DragonslayerChasing AugustusBracedGenevieve's WarSweepGrenadeRefugeeSchool for SidekicksClutch
MooThe Charmed Children of Rookskill CastleSome Kind of CourageThe Crossover Counting by 7sLily and DunkinThe Unteachables
Life in MotionFuzzy MudLast Man OutShortThe Worst Class Trip EverCountdown Piecing Me TogetherThe Witch BoyThe Season of Styx MaloneThe CollectorsBookedMighty Jack Orphan IslandThe Stars Beneath Our Feet The Night Diary    The End of Wild The Parker Inheritance
The Seventh Most Important Thing
Save Me a SeatFour PointsFrazzledNo Summit Out of SightAmina's VoiceIce Wolves      UngiftedThreads of BlueWatchdog
The Inventors at No. 8PolarisMy Brigadista YearThe First Rule of PunkPlaying Atari with Saddam HusseinBetty Before XThornhill
 The Glass Town GameThe Murderer's ApeBronze and SunflowerBeyond the Bright SeaCastle in the StarsSwing It, SunnyAll's Faire in Middle SchoolMerci Suarez Changes GearsLove, IshHIdden Figures:  Young Readers' Edition Miscalculations of Lightning GirlNevermoorThe Beloved World of Sonia SotomayorGhost Boys

Outgoing 8th Graders
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Erica Brennan,
May 20, 2019, 9:45 AM