Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

We have an exciting year ahead learning about a variety of science topics! 

This will be the first year introducing the updated Massachusetts State Frameworks for Science and Engineering and there have been a few changes from last year's topics. Starting in 2016, 6th grade topics will now start with an introduction to Astronomy, "Earth's Place in the Universe" and focus on the relationship among the Earth, Sun and Moon. The next units "Changes on Earth's Surface and Conditions on Earth's surface" will include processes involved in plate tectonics over time how it affects the surface of our planet. Last but not least, our final unit will serve as an introduction to biology learning about life and cells in the unit called, "Structure of Life on Earth"

Please see the Curriculum Tab on the left to learn more about each unit and read the standards that will be covered. 

Check out my blog for updates about what we are learning in 6th grade science! 

Here is my contact information:
Room: 208 (end of the 6th grade hallway) 
School Phone: 978-897-4788 Ext. 2208

If you have a question or would like to share additional information with me, you may write me an e-mail or call and I will get back to you as soon as possible. There is never a question too big or small! 

Wish List:
colored pencils 
glue sticks 
science books- any level! 
hand sanitizer
hands on manipulatives  
craft materials

Donation List: 
golf balls and tees 
used tennis balls

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