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Book Talks

Have you ever found yourself saying, "Oh! This is a good book. I have to tell someone about it." Book Talks are a fun way for us to do just that.

Each month members of our class will choose one book that they have read and then share it with our class. Now, don't worry. Book Talks aren't lengthy, complicated presentations. They are just simple, informal oral 'advertisements' for a book you have read.

To prepare for your book talk, use our Book Talk Form. You can download it here or pick one up in our classroom. This form is designed to guide you through the process of organizing your thoughts so you can write a quick, killer review of the book.

After you have presented your Book Talk to the class, you can use the electronic submission form on the right so your book can be included in our Book Talk Blog.

Book talks will be graded using this rubric.

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