NRCA Beginning Band 2018-2019 

Christmas Concert        Friday, December 7, 2018
Spring Concert              Friday, May 10, 2019

Concerts begin at 7:00 and performers will be expected to be ready to go in warmups at 6:30.

Beginning Band Concert Dress

Color is not specific for the 5th Grade Beginning Band. Guys will need to wear a long sleeved dress shirt, neck tie, dress pants and dress shoes (suite jacket/sport coats are permitted). Ladies are to wear a tea length or longer skirt or dress (meaning the bottom hem or and slits are a minimum of halfway between the the knee and ankle). Jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, tennis shoes and shorts are not acceptable for the performers.

Beginning band registration for 2018-2019:

                                Registration form

Open Band Room

The room is open for practice!

Open Band Room will be Tuesdays from 2:50-3:20.

Click for details and permission.

Maintenance Reminder

All brass and clarinet mouthpieces should be rinsed at least weekly. Reeds should never be left on the mouthpiece and reed guard caps should be used whenever the student is not playing to protect the reeds and the considerably more expensive mouthpiece. Clarinet players should have a minimum of 3 reeds broken in and ready to go at all times. The reeds should be rotated daily to allow them to dry and prevent warping or softening. Clarinets should consider moving to 2 1/2 strength reads. Reeds should be Van Doren or Mitchelle Lurie.

Music Notes ‎‎‎(class notes and assignments)‎‎‎

  • What to practice 11/16/18
    In the last two week before the concert, student focus should be on our Christmas music including:
    Jingle Bells
    The Little Drummer Boy
    St. Nick on the Housetop

    Students should also be pretty fluent with or working on book etudes #1-33, 41, 73, 75 and rhythms 1-36 on page 42.
    Posted Nov 16, 2018, 2:21 PM by Jim Burk
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Be Ready for Checks In Class

Please remember that all students will need to have their instrument, book and basic supplies for their specific instrument each day. This includes:
1. Minimum of 3 quality reeds broken in and ready to use for each clarinet student (no chips/cracks).
2. Cork grease for clarinets.
3. Valve oil and tuning slide grease for trumpets and baritones. Slide cream or oil and tuning slide grease for trombones.
4. Cleaning supplies specific to the instrument (see your local music store).
5. Mechanical pencil for all.
6. Spit rags for all brass members.
7. Polish cloths for flutes and brass.
8. Cleaning/tuning rod for flutes.
9. Swabs for clarinets.
10. All cases labeled with name, grade, school name and phone number on a visible tag.

Practice Records

Practice Record (click for PDF)  - First Record Due 9/11
Due the first rehearsal of each week. Please remember to indicate on the practice record extenuating circumstances such as illness, broken instruments or family travel on any and all days affected. The record may be excused or credited depending on how much is completed. All records must have a parent signature and be on the provided form to be accepted. Records are only accepted on the first rehearsal of the week (exception for absence). Please do not email any practice times.

Full credit for practice is based on the expected 75 minutes per week and the maximum that may be credited is 150 minutes per week. Practice times do not adjust for three day weekends or single days off. Practice required for holidays covering more than a single day will be reduced by 15 minutes per day off (not including weekends). No practice will be required over Thanksgiving Vacation, Christmas Vacation or Spring Break.

Grade Deductions Categories Added to Powerschool

To better help parents and students interpret grade deductions from the quarter grade, individual columns for deduction categories will be listed in the Powerschool grade book. The ideal is for students to have a zero in that column (meaning no grade deductions would be made for that category). This should help parents determine at a glance what the student may be missing in terms of class materials and expectations. The quarter average will usually be the final grade assuming that practice records have been completed. Deductions are typically 3 points for all but missing instruments which are 7 points.