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While RISE isn't happening this year, we've moved on and compiled our ISP pieces, parts and presentations in one central spot: The EISPA! (Easy Independent Study Project Access Slide)

Thanks to Sarah for getting the ball started. 

Check it out! 

We've had some issues with some of the videos so please let us know if one isn't working. 

Learning at Home 
during the Corona Virus 

Most things you'll need will either come to you via email or Google Classroom. 

However, I'll put some random things you might need below. 


Our visit with Chris Grabenstein was outstanding. The students learned a lot about writing, the author and more in-depth information about the book 

Grabenstein Skype 2_18_20


Students have made the last few weeks Spelling Lists. 

They brainstormed a bunch of kinds of Spelling Gceneralizations. It's fun and challenging. 

Crayon Color Spelling Shopping List

Interview a Color Writing Activity


Cookie Spelling Shopping List

DIY Cookie Recipe Writing Activity Checklist


Frequently Misspelled Words Shopping List 

Mnemonic Device Checklist 

Peanut Farming in our classrooms

Lion head Rabbit Picture -- looks a bit like Isaac's new bunny! 

Image result for lionhead rabbit"

 Nepris Chats 

Nepris Slide Presentation

Some students have been lucky enough to score chats with experts related to their ISP topics. 

Check out this slide presentation with links to their chats, pictures of the chats and other cool links. 

They are helping to edit this so be patient for completeness. 


Nepris Slide Presentation
 Sachi at VV talking to  Cathrine Takow from the San Antonio Zoo!

George Washington Class Info-graphics:

(Just in case you missed the newsletter) 

Hello EELA Families, 

No Canva newsletter this week. We will be concentrating on finishing up and presenting projects before the end of the quarter. 

1. Self Info-graphics
2. Group Study Projects
3. 2nd Quarter Genre Wheel Projects

Towards the end of the week we will have our new novel and we'll begin talking about Independent Study Projects next week!!!! 

Enjoy the sunshine! 

Mrs. Samantha Lumpkin 

Gifted Intervention Specialist 
Enriched Language Arts
North Royalton Elementary schools

Voicemail: 440.582.7837
Internal Extension: 3082

We heard from Avi!!

Here's his email:

You really are a class of gifted people.  Thanks for the gift of the Power Point.


Have a cool yule and a frantic First!


Your friend,


I did watch it (VV Movie). Much fun.  Many thanks!



Albion's slide Thank you to Avi

Valley Vista Avi Video


Link to our class calendar through Google! 

EELA Calendar

 What's Happening at Albion?

Albion Newsletter - written by Prisha, Keira & Sarah 

What's Happening News Digital

The Daily Lumpkin

This is a fun way for parents to learn what Mrs. Lumpkin's classy class is doing. It is written by different students each week. 

Bear's Activity Den:

by Tom & Tommy from Royal View via Albion