Challenge 1


The image above and the article that accompanies it is what the Summer Tech Challenge revolves around. Do you posses the 10 skills modern teachers must have (according to this article)? Some of the challenges will be designed to help you achieve the skills listed in this article.

Your first challenge is to read the article, reflect and to create a blog. (If you already have a blog, you will add a post to the blog.)

For NPS educators, I would recommend you use Blogger for your blog. Blogger is part of the Google Apps suite and can be accessed under the More menu. Other blogging sites include Edublog and Kidblog both designed for use in the classroom. Edublog is great for junior high and high school. Kidblog is great for elementary and middle school. Kidblog offers more teacher control than Edublog. And because of that, junior high and high school teachers might want to consider using Kidblog. If you are interested in using Kidblog instead of Blogger, check out these video tutorials.

To start a blog with Blogger, log into your Google account. Click More-->Blogger.

You will be asked to confirm your profile and decide if you want email notifications. Click Continue to Blogger when done. 

Click New Blog.

Give your blog a title and create an address. The address has to be unique so you may have to try several combinations to find one that is available. You can select a template now or later. Click Create blog.

Click Start blogging or the pencil icon to begin a new post. When the post is complete, you will click Publish to add the post to your blog.

The Blogger Getting Started Guide will walk you through how to create a blog and help familiarize yourself with the main features of Blogger. Several tutorial videos are available at this site. If you need some additional help with blogging, Edudemic has compiled an excellent series of infographics as a Must Have Guide to Becoming a Better Blogger.

Here is an excellent video that explains the ins and outs of blogging.

Challenge #1 REQUIRED (1 pt)
  1. Create a blog using Blogger, Kidblog or Edublog (If you already have a blog for education, you can use that blog)
  2. Read the article, The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have
  3. Write a blog post about the article (do you have these skills, what skills are you lacking, do you agree with the article, etc)
  4. Fill out this form to submit your blog URL or address
  5. Comment on at least two other people's Challenge 1 blog posts--see embedded spreadsheet below
  6. Reply to at least one comment on your blog
  7. Fill out the form below 

Summer Tech Challenge 1

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