So, your students all have Chromebooks. Exciting, right? But it might be a little scary too. Just what are you going to do with those students and those Chromebooks? It is important to remember the Chromebook is a tool just like a pencil and a textbook. You probably don't structure a lesson so that students are using their pencils or their textbooks during the entire period. And you shouldn't feel like students have to use the Chromebook the entire period either.

Now that weight is off of your shoulders, how can you take advantage of the Chromebook as a tool in your classroom? This site will give you multiple options for doing just that. 

While this training is called "Chromebooks in my Classroom... Now What?" you could replace "Chromebook" with "iPad" or "laptop" or "smartphone." This training will give you options for taking advantage of whatever tool your students might have.

This training will be offered as a face to face version and an online version that you can complete at your own pace. See the Welcome tab to register. You DO NOT need a Chromebook to participate in this training.

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