Star Binder Information

What is a STAR Binder?

A Star Binders is a system that provides organization for students, parents and of course, the teacher.   This binder contains your child’s planner, as well as all information for the subjects I teach.  It is a great way to promote communication between parents and teachers, without a doubt!  A STAR Binder is a 3-ring binder notebook that holds everything the students and parents need to keep updated on classroom and school events! 


How will a Star Binder help?

Everything a student and parent needs is in one notebook! No more lost school notes, lost homework, lost classroom notes.  There is a place for lunch money, office notes, book money, etc.  Everything a student and parent needs is in one notebook!


Why are they called STAR Binders?

Since our classroom has a Hollywood Theme this year and we are all stars in the class, I wanted to find a fun way to tie this awesome piece of technology into our classroom…… In case you didn't know, STAR stands for Students Taking Academic Responsibility.


What is in a Star Binder?


    -Student Planner: Your child will write his/her assignments in the planner each day. Please sign it daily.

    -Front Pocket:  This pocket is for important notes and information that can remain home.       

    -Back Homework Pocket: This pocket is for homework and papers that need to be completed at home.


What are the rules for Star binders?


*Take your Star Binder home every night and bring it back to school each morning. DO NOT leave your Star Binder home, daycare, on the bus/car or anywhere else.

*Take good care of your Star Binder. It will be used all year. Keep it clean. You must not draw or doodle in your binder! Treat it with respect. Try not to have food or drink when working with your binder.

*After your homework is completed, put your homework in your binder and your binder in your backpack so you do not forget it.

*Please understand that the point of having a Star binder is to keep you organized, so please be sure to keep it organized! All papers go in your binder. There should be no loose papers in your desk at any time! Every paper has a home. 

*Share your binders with your parents every day. Remove the stay at home papers every night. Your parents will be proud that you are being responsible and pleased to see all your accomplishments.
A special Thank You to Mrs. Dunn for sharing this organizational materpiece with me.....