NHS Food Pantry

NHS food pantry

Welcome to Northbridge High School's food pantry page.
Our pinterest page is here: http://pin.it/iReZoGQ 

Special requests from kids using the pantry: microwavable dinners (but not frozen), water, juice, chips, pop tarts and squeezable baby food pouches.

We now have school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, binders, and folders. We have plenty of backpacks right now but once they are gone - they are gone.

Thirty-one percent of NHS students (approximately 200) are on free & reduced lunch and experience food insecurity. While we have some excellent in-town organizations to help with hunger, it's often not enough for students. Food pantries require users to submit paperwork and be 18 or older. There is also stigma and shame attached to going to them for some.  Finally, some students don't have transportation to get there. So what is the solution? To have a food pantry right here in the building. In order to perform the best they can, students  need to be fed. So this food pantry will not only fill their stomachs but also make school easier. It will let them know their school and community care about their success. A few of us visited Worcester South High's food pantry and got some amazing ideas to help us get this up and running.

We are in the process of starting to get organized as well as applying for grants. 

We are open as of September 2017!

NAHS decorated the donation box. Broadcast made us a commercial/PSA and a how-to video. DECA will likely be helping with our marketing and advertising, and the post-grads are helping sort and get rid of expired food. In addition, we will be giving community service hours to students who help out in it - our students need 20 hours of community service to graduate. 

We need donations. 

If you'd like to donate food - that would be great. We can only accept non-peishable food that is not expired. While ANY food is much appreciated, please try to think of things YOU would like to eat, not just canned vegetables. Things that tend to fly off the shelf are: peanut butter, cereal, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, mac & cheese, cooking oil, beans, soups, flour, complete pancake mix (where all you have to add is water), pancake syrup, fruit snacks and juice. There is a box in front of the main office at school to drop food off at. 

Most wanted foods

If you'd like to buy a tshirt that will support our program, contact sbentley@nps.org by June 2, 2017. we have adult size S-3XL and kids sizes XS-XL. They are $10. We can take cash or checks made out to NHS. They are maroon with white lettering and this is the design:

Money/gift cards
If you'd like to supply a family with a grocery store gift card, please donate that as well. We can take cash or checks (made out to NHS). We are hoping to be able to take debit & credit cards in the future.

If you are interested in donating shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, soap and/or tampons/pads,we will take those as well.

Food drives
If your religious organization or workplace would like to do a food drive for us that would also be much appreciated. 

Community Partners
We are in desperate need for community partners. These would be local businesses that would be willing to, on a regular basis, have food drives and/or donate money to us to buy food. As of right now we have the Northbridge Police Department, Polyfoam, Milford Federal Savings, St. Patrick's Parrish and Chiropractic Health. 

Stevie Bentley
508-234-6211 x 2103

Northbridge High School
427 Linwood Avenue
Whitinsville, MA 01588

Last updated: 9/16/19