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Classroom Walk-through Look-For w/ Framework PD Outline

Math Lesson Planning Template: These templates illustrate how math teachers can generate a plan using the NPS Big Investments and principles of Universal Design for Learning.

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Guidance

At the beginning of the year, the teacher and supervisor sit down to reflect on last year's performance and goals for the current year. This is an opportunity to map out (1) goals and focus areas for the students; and (2) development areas and opportunities for the teacher. 

The guidance documents below outline key areas of focus, ideas for assessment tools and approaches to goal setting for your students. As you begin to develop your goals, we recommend that you review the relevant IPDP guidance document(s) below alongside the curricular resources to ensure that your IPDP is aligned to your instructional plan for the year. 

The Big Investments

Balanced Mathematics Instruction
Habits of Discussion: Academic Discourse 

        Active Monitoring Observation Records

High Impact Instructional Strategies          

 Impact Instructional Strategies