Operational excellence is achieved by identifying the value stream of the business processes, redesigning these processes to align them with corporate and strategic goals, and by ensuring that the assets and resources ...

Human resources are the key to productivity improvement. To improve productivity, people have to change and change is never easy. The approach adopted by NPCC is very pragmatic and has evolved to respond to local ...

Mastering knowledge and innovation are the key determinant of productivity growth and sustained competitiveness. Knowledge is a key resource that constitutes the competence of an organization for innovation...

The National Productivity and competitiveness Council was set up in 1999 following the SADC declaration on Productivity.

The Object of the Council as defined by the NPCC Act 9 of 1999 shall be to stimulate and generate productivity and quality consciousness and drive the productivity and quality movement in all sectors of the economy with a view to raising national output and achieving sustained growth and international competitiveness.

The Council is the strategic arm of the NPCC and comprises 7 members representing the respective interests of the:

·         The government

·         The employers

·         The trade unions and

·         Industry associations, professionals and academia

The NPCC became operational in May 2000. The vision, mission, objectives are guiding principles elaborated by the Council are :

VISION: Better Living for the Nation

MISSION: Promote and sustain an enabling environment, for Mauritius to thrive in a fast changing world.

The mission was changed in 2003 to “Make Mauritius Muda Free”.

In 2007 a new Council was nominated and the mission was reviewed to : “Make Mauritius Work Together”

Core Objective: Development of a Productivity Culture.


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