Welcome to the NPA-RHEC Intranet

The NPA-RHEC Intranet is a members-only RHEC portal and is separate from the public-facing NPA-RHEC website. The Intranet site includes tutorials and resources and is your gateway to your Google Drive, message boards, and NPA email.

Sign in to access the elements available only to RHEC members, including the message boards, calendars, file-sharing, and more. 


If you need any assistance please contact support@npa-rhec.org

Along with a traditional website for your RHEC that conveys information to the general public, there is a whole new set of internal resources you know have at your disposal.  

Help and How-To's

Are you having trouble accessing Google Drive, the shared RHEC calendar, or your email? Maybe you are having challenges posting messages? Click below to find training video(s) and written instructions.

Share Messages

Through the Intranet, RHEC members are able to share posts to message boards for all NPA regions or for a specific region. 

Click here to access All-Regions Message Board
Click here to access Regional Message Board

Drive (To store files) 

Google Drive is cloud-based file storage with up to 30GB per user. Share files securely within your RHEC and across RHECs, or post a file on your RHEC website for the public to download. Create cloud-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that can be collaboratively authored and edited. Drive is great for sharing, collaborating, and gaining access to files wherever you are, while reducing clutter in your computer inbox. Take an interactive tour here to learn more about Drive’s features.

Email System (Gmail)

Now you have a designated business class email account that is customized to reflect your NPA-RHEC.org domain. The naming convention of first initial + last name will make it easy to connect with anyone in your region, and will help reduce clutter in your personal and work email accounts. 

Take me to my NPA-RHEC email account

Calendars (For sharing events)

Each RHEC website has an embedded calendar for its members to highlight events, giving public viewers the ability to learn about happenings relevant to their communities. RHEC members can even publish events from their phones or tablets while on the go.
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Recent Announcements

The window below shows the files most recently uploaded to each “Share within Region” folder in Drive. Click the link at the bottom of the window to see the full contents of the folder.

Recent Posts from "All-Regions Message Board"

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    Posted Nov 7, 2017, 7:20 AM by Tech Support
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