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nova's intercom

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One of the scary things that I experienced at Nova was being called on the intercom by my coordinator. It sounded clear even though I was outside next to the building.    

By the time I was thinking about running away because I thought I was in trouble. I felt sweaty tingly with fear in side.      

But when I came when I was called on the intercom some friends were there and they told me to go. In normal relaxed voices they were telling me to do the right thing.

Walked calmly and looked for my coordinator and them. They did not look mad at me and their voices sounded kind and calm.    

But when I came when was called on the intercom, I had a meeting with my coordinator and principal in the principal's room.

Then my coordinator closed the door it was scary.

But it turned out I wasn't in trouble.

I mean it's scary when you get called on the intercom but you have a opportunity to not to get in trouble you just need to be brave enough to take it.