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far cry 5

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One of the things I like about Far Cry 5 is that your going around doing things like a mix of a hunting and fishing and making thing to help you on your mission.

Shooting people working for the bad leaders trying to kill you.

Taking on out post bases.

Looking for thing and working for the good guys then they pay you at the end.    

Then you can spend the money on weapon vehicle ammo armor.

If get the right tool you can do thing like hunting or fishing if you got a good tool or you can get things that are good for that kind of thing your going to do.

If you going hunting I recommend you use a bow because and use normal arrows at a distance course you can get your arrows back and get the meat.

One it cheaper.

Two if you hunt with a bow you can get more of the meat and can sell it and get more money.                         

Three the bows a lot lighter than a hunting rifle.  

Four it gives you more of challenge which can be more fun.