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drivers in Seattle

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Man there are these stupid drivers in Seattle that are so bad at driving they make traffic a whole lot worse. People in Seattle drive like grandmas and that's not safe because old people don’t react fast and it’s not safe to react slowly. A lot of people drive like jerks around here. And some don't. But Seattle has the worst traffic rating on the west cost.

And there are these stupid drivers that will be on their phones while driving and they get into car accidents cause they're not paying attention to the road. And there are these stupid drivers when they’re at a red light they will get on their phone and that’s fine cause they can't go anywhere, but they will start a game and when the light turns green they will finish the round and block everyone from going anywhere because they’re trying to finish a round on a game and they will miss like three or four green lights cause their on playing a game.

My grandpa used to live in Ballard and he used to bike across the Ballard bridge but he stopped doing that cause people will be on their phones while driving and he chose to walk instead cause you get more protection. Then he got truck a bigger than the average size of a normal car.

Not just that drivers are so dumb in Seattle they cut off the buses and they into the buses only lanes.

More then that I heard that uber drivers downtown park in the wrong spots when they pick people put. They sometimes pick people up in the bus stops and slow down the bus drivers while they discuss fares.

Another thing to know uber drivers and normal drivers will still be in the bus stop while they look at their GPS and that’s really stupid.

More than that people driving on I5 that will do some stupid stunt and end up causing a lot of traffic problems.

If you use the turn signal when you turn people might cut you off, so don't use the turn signal some people will cut you off.

Here more some people will beep the horn like get out of my way grandma?

That normal to some people. Drivers in Seattle are like that.