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dream mansion

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If I could have my own dream mansion. I would build it between a man made lake and the ocean. After the mansion built I would make it a smart mansion put all kinds very expensive and very good tech. After that I would put a martial arts studio with some very good and comfortable mats with all kinds of good pads to strike at and all kind of

punching bags and all kinds of real good weapons and good training ones. Here more I would put a big and deep indoor and outdoor spa pool with low dive medium dive and high dive and some slides and rope swing in. Here's more I would put king size bed in my room with a luxury walk in closet with a luxury private bathroom with a luxury fancy shower and a luxury Jacuzzi. Here's what else I would put in my room I would put a luxury desk with a luxury computer and keyboard and mouse and a few luxury computer chairs with a luxury touch screen and a telephone with some good fold up mats and a punching bag with a porch with a luxury couch but there's more. I would put a fountain in my driveway but that's not all.I would get a huge garage for my vehicles but here more. I would put a boat yard for my boats on both lake and oceanside here more to my mansion. I would put a vault in for my weapons and treasure and valuables there's more. I would put a luxury tree out with a few rope bridges but that not all. I would put it next to a place to practice martial arts outside you know something really cool? I would put tech on my property so I could play music anywhere on my property one know some real cool? I would put a few helipads on for my helicopters here that my dream mansion.