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trigger warning: guns, weapons


Here’s some article about different kinds armor that I found out some armor materials.          

Here a article about graphene armor Image result for amrer graphene

Graphene-based armor could stop bullets by becoming harder than diamonds. It’s knife proof, and bullet resistant, and it can stop a armor piercing round and maybe a grenade. It depends on how many layers you have on. It is lightweight and flexible, but it only works with two layers. You can’t use one or three or more of graphene, so if you need more layers. If you want more than two layers to make it stronger, put another type of armor between those so it can still work.

Graphene might be strong enough to stop an elephant stomping on a pencil and keep the pencil from stabbing through you. You could be squashed because your body isn’t designed for the weight of the elephants. Graphene-based armor can take a lot of weight without letting a sharp point go through you, but you get still get hurt from the trauma. You have a better chance of living though.

5 Facts about Grapheme Armor (and their sources!)

1 Graphene gets harder than diamonds when it gets hit by a bullet. And it was found on NEW ATLAS.

2 Graphene is a flexible it can be bent twisted rolls still be bullet restent.


Here’s a article about dragon skin armor. Dragon skin it's very strong it can stop a knife,a bullet resistant armor piercing round it might be able to stop a grenade that was made for the military and war but its not flexible one thing to know. If it get hot it loses it harden. One thing to know. It’s also really heavy it weighs like 40,50 maybe 60 pounds. Its heavy.Image result for how much does dragon skin armor weigh

Here’s a article about titanium armor

Related image

Titanium is very strong yet very light weight it knife proof,bullet resistant it can even stop an armor piercing round. But one minus thing about titanium armor it not flexible unfortunately.

spider silk armor.

Image result for treated spider silk armor

Related image

Art, Armor, and Airbags: Spider Silk As A Miracle Material. Treated spider silk armor is armor made from spider. But when scientists started making this from a spider it didn't make enough of it. So they used a goat and put silk into the ghotes DNA then I think they made the armor from the milk and harden it into armer. But it can stop a knife,bullit I don’t know what kind of bullets it can stop. But I think it's lightweight its flexible and quiet I think.                  

Here,s a article about carbon fiber armor.

Image result for carbon fiber body armor

Carbon fiber it flexible when you connect pieces together but if you put the armor in one piece it not very flexible but it strong it can stop a knife small bullets and it lightweight.


Image result for kevlar armor    

Kevlar is really light and flexible and strong but there are some disadvantages to Kevlar. Kevlar can stop a medium size bullet but it can not stop a knife.