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03 20 2016 the big climb

When I was 12 on March 20, 2016, I did the big climb up the Columbia tower with my sister and my dad, with his work group. When I was doing the big climb it was like: “I'm going to do it. I’m going up there. I’m seeing that view. I’m going to see from the inside of the 73 stories out of 75 stories of stairs. I’m going to climb.” When at the bottom looking at the top I was ready! I’m on! When I went in and walked into the building and walked to the staircase, it was “I'm ready.” When I started on the staircase after skipping stairs it took me 12 stories until I got tired. Then I slowed down, and my dad and sister caught up. Then I was tired and when I got to resting spot, people afforded to give me a rest spot. It was like, “No, Im resting at the top. After I got to the end on the 73rd floor with my dad and sister, it took us about twenty minutes for both of us to get there. I was so exhausted and hot and sweaty and my legs were shaking. I didn't do much training--I only did Jiu jitsu. When I got to the top, I saw a great view and and we saw our accomplishment. It was great experience and I when down with my Dad and sister in the elevator course we couldn't use the stairs or will get in the way of other climbers and when we got of on the building saw our accomplishments we just climbed 73 story’s and when we were on the bus looking at the columbia tower we were like we just climbed that.       Image result for columbia tower