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Things to do in Seattle

    This article is a little bit about my top 5 favorite places to go in the Seattle area. Each will give a little bit of information.

Woodland Park Zoo
    This is number one on my list because I absolutely LOVE the zoo. The Woodland Park Zoo is such a large zoo, that you can tell all the animals are treated well and are taken care of. There is a food pavillion for lunch there and two gift shops at either entrance. Some of the animals they have there are penguins, giraffes, zebras, lions, tiger, and lemurs. The zoo also features a petting zoo with goats for the younger children to interact.

    The aquarium is definitely a great place to go to in Seattle if you have young children. It is located right on the water so the tanks in the aquarium is sea water that flows in and out of the ocean. Inside the aquarium there are touch tanks that feature: starfish, sea cucumbers, anemones. As you move along inside further, there are tanks that show brightly colored fish that children enjoy and the same type of fish featured in the movie, Finding Nemo. They have a wide variety of sea animals there that kids love to see including: sea otters, sea lions, river otters, and of course, the octopus! It really is a fantastic place to visit for families.

Space Needle

    Seattle’s Space Needle is likely one of the most commonly known tourist attractions, because of the spectacular views you get at the very top! Shooting 605 feet high in the air, people love to visit the top and see the puget Sound and the whole city from up above. One of my favorite parts about the Space needle is the restaurant inside the top section! For a price, you are able to dine inside of the famous landmark and enjoy the view straight from your table. The coolest part is, that as you eat, the floor rotates in a circle slowly so that you get a view of the city without ever having to stand up!

Pike Place

    Pike Place is a very well known market in Seattle. It is a wide open market that sells many goods similar to: flowers,fish, fresh veggies, fruit, handmade jewelry, and other exciting finds. The market is a great place to stroll through since there are many shops inside and out! It is absolutely free to walk through, or bring cash to purchase some local treats. It is by far a noteworthy stop to make in Seattle and explore.

Alki Beach
    Last of all, is Alki beach. Alki is one of Seattle’s beautiful sandy beaches located in Seattle. Along the beach, there are many stores and shops along with a variety of places to eat. Some of the choices include: fish and chips, pizza, pho, burgers, hotdogs, and of course ice cream! On the beach, there are volleyball nets for fun games on the sand and there are paddleboard rentals so you can get out there on the water!