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Review: Verve Bowls

    Capitol hill is not only filled with interesting shops and people, but also amazing food. One of my favorite places is a small, locally owned smoothie bar. Their large menu includes a variety of flavors, creating options for everyone. Verve is also very good about offering milk and granola alternatives for allergies or preference. Accommodations are also super easy to request.

    Not only are acai bowls Verve’s specialty, but also a trending health food. Photos of them are currently flooding social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Their bright colors and fun designs not only make for a yummy snack but also a great picture opportunity.

    Ordering is easy. As previously stated, preferences are easily accommodated and the Verve staff are happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ordering in person is great, but you can also pre-order by calling into the store, selecting online, or postmating food straight to your home. My personal favorite, the Vervacious, is an acai, banana, blueberry and peanut butter blend. I’m also a huge fan of the Makai scoop which is straight acai topped with granola and fruits.

    Much like starbucks, Verve commonly offers seasonal specials such as Fourth of July and Halloween bowls, summer smoothies, discount codes and more.. The newest addition to the menu is Millennial Avocado Toast.

    Avocado is lightly spread onto a toasted whole grain bread, topped with tomatoes and olive oil, then lightly dusted with salt and pepper flakes. The warmth and crispness of the bread combined with the smooth, cold texture of the avocado becomes the perfect pair when done correctly, which Verve has done an amazing job of demonstrating.

    Overall, I’d give Verve Bowls a four out of five star rating for their great service, food and location. The food is always displayed in an artistic manner and the store is always kept clean. Upbeat music plays, keeping the mood high and the employees always seem to be having fun. I highly recommend visiting Verve for healthy, aesthetic food & fun!