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Review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Secret Service was a decent movie. It had a great cast, satisfactory plot, and some of my favorite cinematography, with lots of violence shown in gruesome detail combined with plenty of adult references and scenes. It’s not a movie for kids, and the best way I would describe it would be to call it a James Bond on Russian steroids. Being someone who loves movies involving gun fights, hand-to-hand combat sequences, car chases, and other elements of fast-paced action movies, I quite liked it, and I’ll tell you why. And oh yeah, there are some spoilers.

    It starts out with Eggsy (played once again by Taron Egerton) about a year after he saved the world from Valentine’s neurological rage-inducing plan to massively reduce the world’s population. He has since settled down and is in a stable relationship with Princess Tilde, who we saw in a graphic sex scene at the end of the first movie. The movie starts out with a car chase with plenty of explosions and gunfire, after which, the Kingsman vehicle is hacked by a robotic arm belonging to the failed recruit Charlie Hesketh. His arm passes along information regarding the location of all kingsman recruits, at which point the residence of each agent is hit by a missile, killing everyone related to Kingsman except Eggsy and Merlin. They then go and uncover the doomsday protocol which is disguised as a bottle of whiskey, hidden in the doomsday safe. They both get drunk before realizing that it is telling them to go to a similar organization in the US called Statesman.

    We (the audience) find out before any of the characters in the movies that the missiles were launched by a drug cartel which is led by a woman called Poppy, who lives and works in a Cambodian forest. She hired Charlie (who was a failed kingsman recruit), and since she was teamed up with him, found out about Kingsman, and destroyed almost all of them.

    Statesman is hiding out in the US as a distillery for liquor, similar to how Kingsman was hiding as a tailoring company. They go to Kentucky and find the Statesman’s headquarters. They have a run-in with an agent whose code name is agent Tequila (all of Statesman’s agents are named after drinks), and they are taken and interrogated. Statesman looks in their doomsday vault and finds an umbrella with the kingsman logo on it, showing that the two organizations have each other’s backs. They then find out that Harry has amnesia, and they explain the entire situation to Statesman. They track Harry’s ex-girlfriend through social media, and implant a tracker inside through an interesting method of entry (which may or may not involve a sex scene).

    The Golden Circle comes on the news saying that their drugs have an embedded virus, and people worldwide have been infected with it, which starts with a blue rash, then as it progresses leads to insanity, muscle spasms, and eventually, death. It is unveiled as a hostage situation, and the Golden Circle demands the legalization and taxation of drugs worldwide and full immunity for themselves, at which point they will release the antidote to the masses of infected people. The President was selected to negotiate but refuses to comply, insisting that they were all drug users and deserved to die anyway.

    They track Clara (Charlie’s ex) to a mountain peak in Iceland,where they are manufacturing the antidote so she can receive it, because she was infected at the music festival where she met Eggsy. The team retrieves an antidote but loses it in the fire-fight between them and golden circle mercenaries guarding the facility. Agent Whiskey is shot during the fight, and the station with the antidote is blown up by Charlie, to prevent the team from acquiring more of it.

    They manage to track Poppy’s base through the radio waves being emitted, and they fly there to try to force her to release the antidote. I’m not going to reveal what happens, as it would totally ruin the movie, and it could genuinely end either way. As intuitive as it is that Poppy’s base would be taken by Kingsman and the cure would be released, the base was was fully militarized and the kingsman franchise has proved in both of its movies that it is not afraid to kill off main characters. I haven’t lied or made up anything in this review, but I have left out subtle details so as to not spoil it.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love this movie. I didn’t spoil it in hopes that I’ve sparked your curiosity and you will go watch it yourself. The plot is above average for an action movie of this caliber, the villains of all of the Kingsman movies are well thought out, and one of my favorite parts of the franchise. They both have an R-rating, but this is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, and if you like James Bond, or any other kinds of action movies, I would recommend both of the Kingsman movies.