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Why Juul?

Whats a Juul?

    A Juul is a e-cigarette type vape that is very common nowadays. It is an alternative to smoking cigarettes and is somewhat healthier. The juul is a small sleek black device that you use with pods. This e-cigarette has caused major boosts in sales and taken about 32% of e-cigarette sales. It's popularized since it's one of the few pocket sized nicotine vaporizers that actually satisfy the crave for a cigarette. There really isn’t much long-term research done on negative effects of e-cigarettes. But for now, e-cigarettes are found to be “healthier” than smoking cigarettes.

    The pods are where the nicotine is, it's like a vape juice container. A lot of people don’t know the major health concerns that come along with juuling. One pod for these juuls contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. One pack of pods is $20 and contains four juul pods. In comparison to cigarettes, costing about $10 a pack. Many people have no idea about this but just 10 hits off a juul is as much nicotine as one stoug.

    The whole e-cigarette craze has been going on for a while now. Teens used to use vapes and mods using vape-juice that contains nicotine most of the time. It was popularized because vaping caused bigger clouds of smoke. Smoking has always been somewhat mainstream, but teenagers used it as a form of “clout”. Juuls are probably the most convenient and portable e-cig/vape in our current time, this is part of the reason they’re so popular.

    Juul’s are very popular to teenagers in 2018, instead of actually smoking cigarettes. A lot of non-smokers buy these juuls priced at about $35 just because they’re “cool and popular”. Little do they know, they’re giving themselves a nicotine addiction that leads to smoking. I’ve watched several of my friends slowly start smoking cigarettes after buying a juul, which typically took a span of about a month.

    The effects of teenage smoking is very detrimental to today's youth. Smoking has caused great controversy in media throughout the past few years. A lot of kids justify vaping and “juuling” because it's somewhat healthier than smoking cigarettes. But scientists have confirmed that smoking reduces lung-growth rates in teenagers.

    I personally believe that these juuls can be helpful to stop smoking in adults. On the other hand, teenagers getting addicted to nicotine by juuling is very unhealthy and puts them at serious risk for the rest of their lives. I don’t understand why it is so popular to use nicotine and smoke in teenagers.