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Story Starters

If you are like me, you see life as a tad bit dull, and enjoy creating better, fictional universes to exist in. But also, if you are like me, you may struggle with thinking up afirst sentence for a story. Because of this common issue, I've decided to compile a list of various first sentences for your stories. Hopefully these will inspire and enchant you. 
  • I wake to the screeching of tires and the rather violent feeling of being thrown from one end of a semi truck to the other. 
  • I hate taxis. 
  • When I was little I wanted to be a garbage man. 
  • How does it feel to die?
  • “Papa, how come your legs don't walk like mine do?”
  • “You're not allowed to be here!” The boy hisses as I slide onto the bench next to him with my arms filled with paper bags. 
  • The breeze hits my bare arms like a flow of icy water. 
  • Did I mention I'm gay?
  • I feel a hand on my wrist and I turn to look into the large, pleading eyes of Jake Paul. 
  • It was the bears that got me in the end. 
  • It was the birds that got me in the end. 
  • It was the school district that got me in the end. 
  • It was the women that got me in the end. 
  • “Honey I didn't mean it!! It was a joke!! Babe, come on you know I'm not sexist.”
  • Buddy, my German shepherd and I, were all alone together when the apocalypse ended. 
  • Human emotion only reaches so far. 
  • The lab is set on the corner of Eastwood and 5th, right across from the food bank and just a ways away from the nursing home. 
  • Romeo was a piece of shit and honestly Juliet deserved better. 
  • There's a rustle in the trees and I feel eyes boring down onto me from all sides. 
  • Corals glitter from the ocean depths as the scent of salt and sickly sweet fruit drifts over me. 
  • Writing is hard.