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Places I Want to Go

    Traveling for me isn’t super fun and it kind of feels like a chore, yet I do it so much because I like the experiences I’ve had. Whether going just 40 miles down the freeway and staying in some old shack for the weekend to record a video for a class assignment or going to Manhattan, NY for a vacation just to take some pictures and eat out everyday, you know, spend some of my savings finally, it’s always a good memory.

    My brother has gone to a lot more places than I have, but someday I want to do something like he does. He drove around the west coast of the U.S with his friends one summer; he’s gone to Istanbul for a month; he’s been to Manhattan twice, once for a film class and the other with me for a vacation; and, next month he’s going to live in Thailand for the next year as an English teacher.

    I want to visit more major cities in the U.S. It helps when I already know someone there though. I’ll probably be visiting New York again next year to visit another friend and eat at some of the restaraunts again because I liked those. But I want to visit more cities to explore somewhere I’d want to live and be like a bartender or something. I want to visit Denver next and then maybe just couch surf around there as well as New Orleans. Then maybe visit Bangalore and hang out with this guy I know online who lives there.

    My dad has also done a lot of traveling. The most recent places he’s gone to are Beijing and Alaska, where he did a lot of hiking and came across a lot of weird old-style bars where the people were singing folk songs. He also helped a farmer get a goat out of a fence they were stuck in and he and the farmer didn’t speak the same language, so they just nodded to each other.

    Mew: Traveling gives me a lot of anxiety. I’ve been to Canada for a day and had a bad experience. It was for a roller derby game and the other team was really homophobic and gross.

    Jack: I’ve been to Traverse City, Michigan. My favorite place is Juneau, Alaska because it’s a town and I like it and had to walk up all the stairs, but it’s a hilly town and I was panting.

    Right now, mostly I just do some hiking and I’ll stay in North Bend every once in awhile for a trip or something. It’s a great filming location so when I stay there for a weekend it usually ends up being pretty productive but very tiring. Also, like I said I don’t really enjoy all of it and I’d usually rather be back home, but at the same time it’s nice I guess. I really hate talking about it, and hearing about other people's travels because they’re always so boring to hear about. Unless I’m specifically asking about a place or have been asked, you probably won’t know when you bought the tickets and sunglasses how predictable the trip you’re setting out for will be.

    Going places, for me, is okay, but the experiences I have will always be for me and my memories and never the story of me. It’s why I don’t really visit landmarks or famous places. I also don’t travel for the fun, this year when I went to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia on vacation it was more to look at living areas and trying out living in a couple places there throughout the week. But I’m looking forward to going out on my own more often in the coming years.

Me in Brooklyn