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Knife Laws

He who interviews [12:56 PM]
    What is your opinion on legalizing all knives?

Anon [12:56 PM]
    Even in schools?

He who interviews [12:56 PM]

Anon [12:56 PM]
    With age limits? Wow, even in schools eh? why?

He who interviews [12:57 PM]
    Because they're useful tools and less annoying than fidget spinners.

Anon [12:58 PM]
    Ok, that gave me a chuckle. Especially cause I was picturing some kid with a butterfly knife twirling it in class, cutting off a finger and blood everywhere.

He who interviews [12:59 PM]
    You might cut yourself but your finger won't come off. You'll need a cleaver for that.

Anon [1:00 PM]
    But a cleaver is a knife. Can you bring a cleaver to school?

He who interviews [1:02 PM]
    I think there should be some guidelines but most pocket knives and switchblades should be fine in schools.

Anon [1:04 PM]
    And airplanes?

He who interviews [1:05 PM]
    Probably more restrictions because terrorists but Swiss Army type knives should be fine.

Anon [1:06 PM]
    Omg! I have lost or had to turn around and send so many Swiss Army knives to myself from the airport. Hate it. Then I'm out camping and need it and of course I don't have it cause it's always left at home now.

He who interviews [1:07 PM]
    Also it's so hilariously easy to get knives through the TSA that I did it by accident.

Anon [1:07 PM]
    I read a great article about airport security and what the Israelis do. Basically they train their people to be really really good at reading body language.

He who interviews [1:08 PM]
    That makes sense. Most terrorists can't act for shit.

Anon [1:08 PM]
    So if we allowed knives at school, I would need to feel assured that no one would use it as a weapon and even at this school, I'm not sure I could trust that.

He who interviews [1:10 PM]
    Yeah but in most mass stabbings in recent history nobody dies. So it's not like guns.

Anon [1:11 PM]
    Well that's great, but I still don't want to be in an environment where knife fights might break out.

He who interviews [1:13 PM]
    Making knives legal won't change anything aside from get less people in trouble. Loads of students already carry them. It's like weed but shiny and sometimes a little stabby.

Anon [1:19 PM]
    I'm going to assume that you are making a generalization that you can't actually prove, because if you could, then I would need to tell a teacher.

He who interviews [1:19 PM]
    I'm just going from what I hear from other people.

Anon [1:20 PM]
    Ok. We will consider them unsubstantiated rumors, but if you know something specific, you should talk to a teacher.

He who interviews [1:20 PM]
    I would if I knew anything.


Anon [1:08 PM]
    Can you imagine any downsides to everyone having knives?

He who interviews [1:10 PM]
    Obviously there is an increased risk of knife crime, but I don't know how much of a difference it will make. I don't think it will have a major impact on suicide rates, because if someone puts their mind to killing themselves, they can do it with almost anything.

Anon [1:15 PM]
    I think there is an Ani DiFranco quote that says if you hold it right, anything can be a weapon. I probably don't have that right, but I certainly agree with it if that is actually what she said.

He who interviews [1:16 PM]
    Well it's certainly a true statement.

Anon [1:17 PM]
    However, I do believe that if I am around a knife or gun danger is more likely than if I am not around one, and i can't imagine being on buses, at concerts, sporting events, on the road even, and especially not in school, and it not making me nervous to know anyone could be caring a knife. Oh! I just thought of one argument for and one against. against: people with PTSD. For: maybe knowing that there is the danger of being hurt (but not killed because that is hard to do with a knife) would make people not have as much road rage, would stop teachers from bullying students, etc. What do you think?

He who interviews [1:21 PM]
    I think that only works if you are thinking of the knife as a weapon first and tool second. My entire point is that they are not and should not be immediately classified as a weapon, as unlike guns they have hundreds of far more common uses.

Anon [1:24 PM]
    OH! I think I really never got that you were saying that, and it is indeed the most convincing thing for me. Yeah, we should be able to cut cakes and pies in class, or have Exacto knives we carry around. we should be able to carve wood on our breaks or even for credit. I once knew a student who got credit for throwing knives at a target in her backyard, but i don't think that would be a good school activity.

He who interviews [1:27 PM]
    Yeah I never have thought of my knives that I carry everywhere (aside from school) as anything but a tool or fidget toy.

Anon [1:27 PM]
    Maybe we should stop being so rule-oriented as a society and just get to know one and another and what their interests are and why they do/have the things they do/have. It was good talking with you about this. Thanks.

He who interviews [1:28 PM]
    I agree completely.