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JFK Consipracy

What happened to John F Kennedy?

    On November 22 1963, John F Kennedy (JFK) was driving in an open-top convertible in Dallas, Texas when he and the Texas governor (John Connally) were both shot. This event killed JFK and seriously injured the Texas governor. Very quickly after the president died, the secret service had a man named Lee Harvey Oswald in custody accusing him of the assassination. The secret service claimed that he fired three shots from the 6th floor of the Texas school book depository, using a 6.5 x 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle (from It was 45 minutes after Oswald supposedly shot the president, it is said that he fatally shot a police officer by the name J.D Tippit. On November 24th, Lee Harvey Oswald was being transported to a county jail when a man named Jack Ruby emerged from the large crowd watching Oswald, and he shot him with a concealed weapon with one fatal shot. This is what the official government report says, but over the years there have been many speculations as to what really happened. Conspiracy theories may not be the most reliable, but the event of JFK's assassination was confusing and filled with unanswered questions for too long. My goal is just to spike your curiosity, because even if things happened exactly as reported, questioning isn't always the worst.

    In the Texas school book depository they found three bullet casings, therefore there must have only been three shots right? So that's what everyone originally assumed and what the official government report, the warren report, said. One of the bullets missed and it is unspecified whether it was the first bullet or the third. Then one hit Kennedy on the back 5 ¾ inches under his collar, exited out his neck at the knot of his tie, then the bullet swerved went through Texas Governor Connally near his right armpit breaking a few ribs, then it went through his right wrist shattering it and then finally lodged itself in Connally's left thigh. Then the last/second shot hit Kennedy in the back of the head killing him. Just let this settle in: a bullet went through one person then through the person in front of him twice then finally lodged itself halfway through his thigh. And this was all shot out of a gun that is considered to be humanitarian because it is not very powerful or accurate.

    The Zapruder film is the most reputable film of the assassination, they were taken by a man named Abraham Zapruder on his own home video camera. Obviously film at this time was not as reliable as the film that we can take today, but it got the best view of the assassination. One of the things that people noticed on the films, is that even though Kennedy was supposed to have been shot in the back of the head, his head jerked backwards as though he was shot in the forehead. This wasn't the only evidence where it seems Kennedy was shot from the front. The doctors who were operating on him when he first came in said multiple times in the press conference that it was obvious that he was shot in the front of the head. Either of these could be mistakes: Kennedy's head could have slammed back because of a muscle spasm and the doctor could have mistaken himself in the press conference because he was exhausted and overwhelmed. If you think about it, if either one of these is true then it is impossible for Oswald to have made those shots because were he supposedly was only had a view of behind the president.

    There are so many more questionable things about the JFK assassination, but for now I hope that this made you think. The assassination of JFK changed the course of the world and most people don’t even know what really happened. Whether you believe the Warren report or not, I hope that this made you think about something you wouldn’t normally think about.