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I Am Ready For Life Beyond High School

    Back in the time of 8th grade, when I was learning at Pathfinder K-8, my class was asked to write about leaving middle school into the great expanse that is high school. I discussed my unusual feeling of wanting to stay. It wasn’t because I wasn’t ready for difficult work, it was because being at Pathfinder was like waking up in the morning and having that nice feeling of warm blankets and peace. Sure, occasionally I would hit my head on the ceiling (I have a loft bed) or I’d fall out of bed, but I still had that comfort.

    I soon learned that Nova has that same comfort, but I’ve grown to embrace the cold outside of my bed. Venturing out into my room and then the great expanse beyond where I sleep has made me feel like maybe leaving a semi-traditional school will be okay, that I know what I’m doing. Nonetheless, the quote I used then still comes to mind. The wise David Tennant, or rather his character, the 10th Doctor, once said “I don’t want to go”. And I don’t.

    Nova is my safe space to learn and grow with minimal judgement. I don’t have to be afraid of being ignorant because I can trust that the people around me will help educate me, and I’ll do the same for them. I can trust that I will always have food, friends, and family. I know that no one will give up on me and that there’s always someone here that I can go to for help. Now I have to remind myself, just as I once did, that I’m not completely leaving my school behind, I’m just looking for more people like them. More places like here.

    After I graduate, which is sooner than I’d like, I’m going to get a job. Or two...maybe even three. I’m going to start saving my money for September when I move down to Los Angeles. As everyone must know by now, it’s expensive there and I honestly don’t know how I’ll afford it, but I’ll make it work. Before then, I’ll hopefully be starting college in March. It’s nothing big, I’d just like to get my freshman year out of the way. I’ll do this by attending an online college with the future hope of getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Sciences. Eventually, I’d like to become President of the United States, but I have to pace myself. While in LA I’ll continue acting, hopefully gaining quite a few jobs to put on my resume. I’ll continue my education by finishing my first year of online school, working in places like grocery stores and cafes.

    I feel academically ready for college and beyond because I have been pushed during my entire high school career to do my best work. In fact, it is a rule of Nova that you have to complete a twelve page essay, a rule that no other Seattle Public School has, in order to walk during graduation. The purpose of the twelve-page is to prepare students for essays in college which will be this long, or longer. To experience the responsibility of finishing something so long.

    I think I’m mature enough for college because I’ve come to a point in my life where I know for the certain that you don’t always have to trust what comes out of an adult’s mouth. Just because someone who has lived longer than you says something, doesn’t mean it’s true. I’m mature enough to know that I am intelligent and I can make those decisions about right and wrong for myself. I’m also mature enough to live on my own and take care of myself. Sure, I was dog sitting for only three days, but in those three days I took out the garbage and recycling; fed a cat, dog, and myself; I showered regularly; I cleaned my living space and the litter box; and I took the dog for a walk. I kept myself and two other creatures alive while on my own for three days. And during those three days I got a ton of homework done! I also cooked myself some pretty healthy meals. I put the ingredients together to make a salad and to cook myself eggs every morning. And after every meal I cleaned all of the dishes.

    My attitude is on the right track to take me beyond high school. I truly believe that I can make this work. I don’t want to leave and I like the idea of having adults around me who have been taking care of themselves a lot longer than I have, but I think that I am academically and emotionally ready for what’s beyond high school. It was important for me to get these thoughts down and really think about how I feel about moving on. This process has truly made me feel like I am ready for my life beyond high school.