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A Mental Health Experiment

    Are you currently happy with your mood everyday? Well, in my health class we started a new unit called self care. In this unit we are learning how to take better care of our own selves in order to be a happier version of ourselves. First, we started out by picking a few things that stressed us out and we wrote them down. Next, we picked one one the things that stressed us out and wrote down reasons why it got us so stressed. My topic was school and I realized things like being late stressed me out and socializing as well.

    In order to overcome the obstacle of stress,and in order to have a better mood each day in order to face a day of school, I decided I would come up with an experimental plan. For one week, I would list a few things to try and see if it would effect my mood and how I felt during that day. My goal was overall to develop new techniques to be a happier person.

Friday: Wake up and watch a funny video, and then say three things I’m thankful for

Saturday: Watch a funny video when I wake up

Sunday: Pet my bird for a while to calm myself down

Monday: Eat a healthy breakfast and offer to help someone during the day

Tuesday: Drink a glass of water before heading to school and later on, edit my social media to take out anyone negative

Wednesday: Start the day with a healthy breakfast and spend time with my bird before I leave. Also,take time to enjoy the bus ride to school

Thursday: Notice five beautiful things on the way to school.

My Reflection For Each Day

Friday: First of all, I don’t think that the funny video did much. However, I did notice that when I stated three things that I was thankful for, I felt a lot more giving that day.

Saturday: I think that watching the funny video actually was alright, but it isn’t something powerful enough alone to change a bad mood.

Sunday: Today, I tried something different by petting my bird for a little while, which I think definitely put me in a better mood overall.

Monday: Starting out today, I had a nice healthy breakfast, since food really can affect your mood. Throughout the day I noticed I wasn’t snacking lots and I felt really good. Another thing I tried was helping someone. My little brother had woken up late so I helped by getting him something to take to school for lunch and I think that made me feel pretty happy. That was definitely two things that worked for me.

Tuesday: Today, I forgot to have the glass of water, but I did delete people off of social media and I realized how many people I was following that I never talk to, and some that were just added drama in my life. It was a relieving feeling to have my feed clear of people that didn’t add anything positive to my life.

Wednesday: Today I started out the morning with a big bowl of cheerios. Then I climbed back into bed and spent time with my bird, and that really calmed me down. Throughout my one hour commute to school by bus, I really took time to just enjoy my commute and decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

    Thursday: It is in my opinion that when I was thinking of things that are beautiful, I was in a lot better of a mood. Natural beauty is so important and taking time to notice it can be very relaxing.

    Overall, I think that this one week trial went really well relieving stress in my life. he major things that helped me were: a healthy breakfast,saying things I was thankful for, and for finding beautiful things. Those choices made me feel the most grateful for every day I am alive and to really make the most out of everything. It is my personal opinion that I believe doing something like this for at least one week would give you tools that could greatly increase your mood daily.

If you want to try out some of the options here’s a few options:
  • 10 Minute Meditation
  • Taking a walk
  • Treating Yourself
  • Helping Someone
  • Reading a Book
  • Playing With a Pet
  • Listening to Music
  • Unplugging From All Devices For An Hour or more
  • Taking Care Of An Overdue Task
  • Watching a Happy Video
    Overall, I learned how just taking a few minutes a day can truly impact your health and happiness and affect the amount of stress you have.