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The First Steps of Acting

    I was going to jump into where I am now in the steps of acting, but I recognize that that’s a bad idea so I think I’ll just go back to the beginning…

Step One: Find an agency

    It was about a year ago when I was listening to the Deadpool soundtrack and an add popped up to be a Disney actor. I didn’t necessarily want to be on Disney, but I knew that to act in the realm of Disney is one of the best ways to launch an acting career, so I applied for the audition.


    The reality of it was, the add was only half true. Upon arriving at the audition, I realized that my window of acting was far larger and the people I was auditioning for were offering acting classes, access to manager and agent auditions, as well as small acting gigs. That’s what an agency is supposed to provide you with. In my case, they also hosted auditions to IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) which is really just a giant talent competition, but it
gives you a chance to be looked at by managers, agents, and casting directors from around the world.


    I enjoyed the ability to access all of these, and Seattle Talent (my agency) liked my acting, so a few days later I was offered a contract and thus began my acting career.

    Now, this all sounds very simple but there are a few things that I skipped over in the beginning that you have to know. First, is the fact that you need a memorized commercial. Seattle Talent sent me a list of commercials to choose from and the Pepsi commercial was easy enough to memorize. In fact, I still recite the commercial when given the opportunity. The next step is confronting your parents. For me it was an easy “Mom...Dad...I want to be an actor. There’s an audition at Seattle Talent that I want to attend. May I?” which was met with some odd glances and “Where did this come from?” and “You inherited this from you father”, but in the end my mom took me to Seattle Talent and I auditioned.


Top image is Karan Bar from Jessie who started his career through Seattle Talent. Directly above is the Seattle Talent logo, though it normally has a white or off white background.