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Summon a Demon to Sing Like an Angel

In a Pickle:
Well, my mom and me don’t really like my singing voice. I really wanna sing better. No... how about singing like an angel. I want to sing like an angel, yeah. How do I do that?

Something about demons. How to acquire a demon. How to obtain a demon.

    Dear In a Pickle and Eleven, you are in luck. I know it’s hard to have big singing dreams and constantly find one’s singing voice lacking; or to just really, really want to obtain a demon. Thankfully for you, I know a possible way to accomplish both. (Whether I know this from personal experience, I decline to say.)

    Your first step (or only step) will be to summon a demon. There are multiple ideas of how to best accomplish this. Keep in mind that you should further research demon-summoning before you attempt it, and that it’s considered very dangerous. So even if you don’t think they’re real (especially, in fact), it’s best to stay away from demons entirely. But since you asked…

Step One - Choosing a Demon
    Your best options I found in my research, if you want to sing better, are Camio and Paimon.

    Camio is the President of Hell, and possibly the wisest demon. He can give you the ability to speak to other animals, as well as the “voice of the waters”. I’m still not sure what that is, but it could have to do with singing. Make sure you know what it is before getting it.

    Paimon is the Demon King. Arts and sciences are among the things he can teach you, as well as “secret things”. Again, since I don’t know (or can’t tell you) what these things are, they could involve singing. Of course, there’s a possibility that any demon would be able to give you the voice of an angel. As long as you pick a demon that’s not too dangerous, and follow all the steps correctly, you should be fine just asking.

Step Two - Summoning the Demon (Angelfire)
    Angelfire is a Satanist website, so if you’re a Satanist, check out the rest of the website and decide if you think it’s a legit one. If you’re not, like me, not only check out the website but research Satanism and decide whether you have the knowledge to go through with your goal.

Most Important Points
    Respect is key. Don’t expect a God of Hell to do your bidding if you act like you have control over them.

    So is honesty. Don’t try to trick a demon. And only make deals you can follow through with.

    A level of psychic ability may be required to even sense the presence of a demon.

    Make sure you read the entire article and follow the steps thoroughly. Failing to do so may result in what the website refers to as “spirit abuse”, which is good for neither you nor the demon.

Step Three - Singing like an Angel
    If you summoned a demon for this purpose, offer them something in return for angelic singing skill, and if they accept the deal, you’re set. Just make sure you’re specific about what you mean by “sing like an angel. I’m guessing you’d prefer not to be stuck with singing the same four bars of a hymn every time you open your mouth, or to sing beautifully for ten minutes before going back to your old voice.
    If you skipped over the demon steps, there’s still hope. I personally don’t remember ever hearing an angel sing, but I’ve heard people sing that in my opinion have quite… angelic voices. These people include Sia Furler, Mitch Grassi, and my voice teacher. That’s right. No matter where you think you’re at vocally, a trained voice teacher can help you improve your singing.

    If you can’t afford a voice teacher due to a lack of cash and/or time, you can still train your voice. Regular practice is the most important part of vocal training. But of course, to get anything out of practicing you’ll need to know what you’re doing.

Tips for Singing
    Warm up. That means do some vocal exercises before you sing anything else. In fact, warm-ups are often more helpful for your voice than actual songs.

    Use forward resonance. When you sing, you can probably feel your voice most in one part of your face or neck. The most effective place to center your voice in, to achieve what is often considered the most “angelic” singing, is the front of your mouth.

    Breathe. If you want to rush air through your vocal chords to create notes, first you need some. If you can feel your lungs expand in every direction, you know you’re doing it right.

    Care. You might put all the effort you have into your technique, but until you put some thought into what you’re singing about and why you care, people who hear you sing probably won’t care, either

    I recommend not setting your goals too high. Becoming a more confident singer is a good thing to strive for, but if you’re counting on the fact that you’re going to be able to summon a demon, or sing like an angel, chances are you’ll be disappointed. Focus on growth, not achieving a certain level. That being said, good luck with your demons and angels, and have a great November. Play in the slush. Pet some cats. Gotta zoom, bye.

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