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Staying Mindful and Avoiding Ridiculous Drama

    This isn’t meant to be an all-encompassing manual on how to solve problems, but I do believe many of you will agree with me when I say this: Drama is probably one of the worst things to befall our adolescent lives, it sucks up our time, when we could be doing anything else, and our energy that could just as easily be put into more relevant things like the work we originally come to school to do. Students, teachers and parents alike would agree, drama in high schools spreads like the plague, and though it is not deadly, it certainly is toxic.

    While it may seem interesting and entertaining to get involved with the latest drama, I should make it clear that it is not in anyone’s best interest, especially not your own. Getting involved with the spreading of other people’s personal business, no matter how humorous or stupid or all around “F’d up”, only makes you look bad.

    Avoiding drama, in my opinion is all about mindfulness. If you can stay mindful of your surroundings, who you associate with and other such things, chances are, you can avoid drama. One thing you could do if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the absurdity that plagues the school lives of most everyone in our age group, if you are the subject of ridicule or malicious rumors is to consider that someone who starts them probably has nothing better to do. People who are getting lots of work done in school generally try to avoid getting involved in things such as spreading false information.The point of going to high school is to further advance your knowledge of the world and how to process and or change it, not to be dragged down by other people’s problems. I hope this was at least a small bit helpful to all you other high schoolers out there, because sometimes we all need reminders to let things go every now and then.