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Owning a Cockatiel

(Jax,1 years old, pictured above)

    First thing about owning a bird is that they are NOT cheap pets. They are expensive themselves (somewhere between 100-300$), and then comes the cage and accessories. What will you need for a bird?

These are the very basics for a cockatiel (which is what kind of bird I have):
Large Cage
Cage cover for sleeping
2 bowls
Perches for cage
Multiple toys

    Those are just the very start of what he needs. Cockatiels, and really all birds for that matter, are very social and intelligent creatures. They require lots of attention in order to stay healthy and happy pets.

    Cockatiels are pretty great pets to have, if you know the responsibilities that come along with them. For example, did you know that a cockatiel usually lives to be around 25 as a pet? It’s true! And for those larger parrots you think you want so badly, they live much longer than that and are much more expensive.

    What do they eat? Well, Jax eats a lot of seed. He also has sort of a bean mix that you cook up on the stove and freeze and each day we let it thaw out for him to eat. He doesn’t really like it as much as the seed though because it’s better for his health and who wants that right? Another thing we give him as a treat is called millet. It is a plant that grows kind of like wheat and we hang it in his cage to munch on when we can’t spend time with him. Overall though, he much prefers treats like: chips (he loves cheetos), pizza, mac and cheese, croissants, and popcorn.

    How much time does he spend out of his cage? Well, my family has pretty much babied my bird and he is as spoiled as can be. As a household, we collect driftwood that we build into perches for him all around the house to fly too. It is really good for a bird’s brain to be able to fly and get exercise so when my dad works from home, he just gets free access to fly around the whole house. He mostly just sits by the window and screams, which yes, gets annoying.

    Cockatiels are incredibly curious little creatures. They love to be doing whatever you are doing, and that means everything. Jax has learned a lot of things from watching us and how humans interact everyday. For example, sometimes he will walk behind us and follow along if we leave the room and don’t take him with. He also knows how to say. “Come here!” and isn’t afraid to yell at you if you forget him in another room. He has done incredibly funny/dumb things before such as:; falling into a bathtub, going out in the snow on his harness, sitting in popcorn, trying to take baths in the dishes, and his favorite thing to do is to annoy me by sitting on my laptop keyboard (or pick the keys out!)

    Cockatiels are not fully verbal, meaning that they don’t talk much but can actually be taught to say a few things. Right now Jax can say. “Come Here!” If I leave the room he will scream at me until I come back. He also knows how to give kisses and makes kissy sounds and it is probably the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

    If you want to see more pictures and some videos of him, his instagram is: @jax_the_cockatiel