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Why Nova?

    A lot of people ask me about Nova and how its different learning properties affect our students. Nova is an alternative school and it accommodates most styles of learning. I personally like Nova because the teachers here are very welcoming, and they actually care for their students.

    The majority of large public high schools like Garfield, Roosevelt, Franklin and Ballard have hundreds and hundreds of students and these students typically aren’t able to get the help they need. It's hard to reach out for help in such a large compact community full of strangers and different friend groups. Before I came to Nova I went to a school that was very un-inclusive. The community there was very tight and if you didn’t fit in properly you weren’t accepted.

    Here at Nova, most kids know each other and all the teachers. Everybody is pretty comprehensive and tend to not just drop somebody because they don’t wear the same brands. This helps students with anxiety and students that just need a little bit more help since we have such a small community. I’d say that's my favorite part of Nova along with all the freedom.

    At my old school a lot of students had anxiety about talking to their teachers and/ or counselors about their issues inside/outside of school. Personally I felt like I couldn’t talk to any of my teachers or any staff member about anything going on in my life. It shows a great deal of discomfort and not feeling safe to talk to anybody. Holding in issues and not getting help only make problems worse obviously, and unfortunately I lost a really close friend because she felt uncomfortable asking for help while she was at school.

    People here at Nova are allowed to express their concerns and feel comfortable doing so. Having a principal like Mark that's open to fix conflict without immediately seeking punishment for the students is helpful to keep the community open. There’s always options for students experiencing any kind of trouble for the most part.

    I would personally say the only negativity revolving around students and coming to staff about issues is social media. Social media has a large impact in life for teenagers lives today, but that's a completely different issue. Conflict that goes over social media can be easier to document and record but it can also cause a ton of miscommunication and I believe this is one of the major problems at Nova. Other than this, I haven’t witnessed or been a victim to any kind of formal and direct bullying. Our school really helps students that have experienced bullying and want to resolve it or grow from it.

    This is a major reason why I came to Nova since in the past I have been bullied and I wanted to go to a small school where I could feel comfortable expressing my personal beliefs. Nova also has lots of programs to help students with outside issues like mental health and if they’re struggling with anything. Nova is a safe place to go to school and also get help.

    One of my favorite things about Nova is how aware all the teachers are of social injustices and other controversies happening in the real world. We get to have class discussions speaking on such controversies and list ways we as a community can resolve such things. Things like these aren’t ignored and not talked about; people here at Nova address these issues and speak to, how we can all make a difference.