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Top 3 Nova Classes

    Here at Nova, there are plenty of classes that are offered. From multiple science classes to an assortment of artistic classes, here are my top three favorites and a little bit about each.

Number 1: Ceramics
    This class has to be my number 1 because of the creative opportunities it offers. In this class, you are able to choose doing handbuilding or using the wheel to make beautiful unique art. I have learned so much in this class (such as how to perfect a clay bird!) The class is very laid back, as you can listen to music and take it as slowly as you need too. I have truly loved every single day in that class. In my experience, throwing is a major pain in the ass, but has the best results for bowls and cups. I have definitely preferred handbuilding small clay animals over throwing.

Number 2: Health
    In this class (which is a graduation requirement,) I have learned a whole lot. It is an unstructured class, meaning that the things we learn are often occuring in the moment. Susan takes the class in many different directions, sometimes more educational, sometimes more fun and it really depends on the day. Coming to this school, I had to take this class and I was thinking that I was really going to hate it. Overall, it actually has turned out that this class is truly the reason I love Tuesdays/Thursdays.

Number 3: Blog Whatever
    This class is truly an incredible experience. In here, it is open to any subject you feel like writing about, and then you are given a platform and resources to write as much as you want. So far, I love these class days because I get to write all about the things I’m into such as: dinosaurs, makeup, and sharks! It is a great class because the whole community shares a platform called “Nova Knows,” so you not only can share your articles, but even read what others have to say. Overall, I would definitely recommend blogging because you learn a lot about journalism and learning to write.

    Something I have learned here at Nova, is that there is no shortage of amazing classes here for everyone’s interests!