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Nova Runs on Participation

    When we sign up for our classes at the beginning and midpoint of the school year at Nova, we are required to sign up for a governing committee. I gave some thought as to why we would have to sign up for something that doesn’t seem as important as our core classes before everything. Nova is a school that is very involved with their students, with them having an influence on many decisions made regarding school policies, teaching styles, and even classes.

    The governing committees were created to help with the process flow of the student/staff relationship. This is why we are required to attend one out of the many offered while at the school; you get to influence your opinion on different aspects of Nova, depending on which one you take. There are a total of seventeen governing committees: POC Committee, Hiring & Review, Art Shares, Poster Brigade, Band/Sound, The Rat’s Nest, United Nova, POC Committee, Yearbook, D.A.R.E., Senior, Action Faction, Budget, Recruitment, Planet Nova, Gender Tea, and Guild of Calamitous Events.

    I am taking yearbook. Here, I’m in charge of replacing the green screen in the background of the portrait pictures each student took at the beginning of the year with a different photo that might match their interests or personality (or, something completely random if I don’t know who the person is). The yearbook is almost done completely with the work of students, which is crazy (in a good way) to me. I used to live in Montana, so I’m used to having no say in the yearbook at all and just having it arrive at the end of the school year for everyone to have. It’s the little things like this that make me appreciate our school. The idea of teachers having all of the say over students isn’t enforced as much as other public schools.

    Another example of a governing committee that relies on students is Senior Committee with Mark. My sister and friend are taking this committee to help plan for the future, whether it be their personal future or future events for the seniors--like graduation. Students have a huge influence on the graduation ceremony that is held every year (especially the music, which is going to be “Africa” by Toto).

    It’s a little silly that it took me a year-and-a-half to realize the importance of these governing committees. We’re required to sign up for these before classes because they need to ensure that things other than teaching actually gets done in the school. If you have extra free time to bum around Nova in the 1:45 block, I encourage you to sign up for another governing committee to help our school out. *Cough* You should join Yearbook, by the way. We need more people to work *cough*.