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Nova Music Choices

    *In this article, I will be asking 4 Nova students and 2 teachers about their taste in music. I will find out their favorite genre of music, favorite song, and if they think that the music they listen to effects their mood.*

Favorite genre: Country (such as Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, and Rascal Flatts)
Favorite Song: She's With Me by High Valley
How I think music affects my mood?
    “Personally, I think music has an incredible power to sway emotions. If I’m in a sad mood and I listen to sad songs, I can calm for a bit and then when I listen to more upbeat songs, I feel a lot better.”

Student 1:
Favorite genre: Classic rock
Favorite song: Lonesome Loser by Little River Band
How you think music affects your mood?
    “ It makes me feel better if I’m down, and it helps me bond with people as we listen together.”

Student 2:
Favorite Genre: Video Game Soundtracks
Favorite song: Ballad of the Goddess, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
How do you think music affects your mood?
    “It enhances the mood of a given scene/area, and the song mentioned above calms me down and lessens most negative emotions when I sing it.”

Student 3:
Favorite Genre: Metal (and ALL of its subgenres)
Favorite song: Kirisute Gomen - Trivium
How do you think music affects your mood?
    "Gives me a lot of energy, it’s hard and fast and inspires me to write music."

Student 4:
Favorite genre: Electro swing
Favorite song: Tangled Up (Lokee remix)
How do you think music affects your mood?
    "Most music calms me down and makes me feel kinda floaty. Kinda like drugs. Really fast paced and chaotic songs can make me anxious though."

My Takeaway:

    Throughout this process I have learned so many things. First being that not everyone has the same taste in music. It is pretty specific to you and your life and what makes you happy. Second, I learned just how important music can be to people. It provides a sort of escape, a way to experience life but get to tune out the world.