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My Classes at Nova

    Nova is a really different school than most other public schools in Seattle, Washington.

    Here, it is similar to college in the way that we are actually able to view class options and take the classes that WE choose, instead of getting a schedule given to us and not getting a choice. It is a really unique, incredible experience to have as a high school student. Down below is a little bit about each class and why I enjoy them.

Class: Know Us By Our Numbers
    First of all, in this class you can choose to either earn American Government and Economics (AGE) credit or Math credit which I really appreciated.You can earn either credit because this class deals with lots of math statistics and also government so you are able to choose which you would rather earn credit for. I am personally taking it in order to earn AGE credit because I need it to graduate. This class is taught by Mike, who is an incredible teacher in my opinion, because he is funny and understanding . So far, it is a class where all students collaboratively pick a topic such as sexual health rights, or gun control, and we all vote and then spend around 4 weeks studying it. It is really interesting and at the end of the unit we write a paper on it, which is pretty cool. So far, I am really enjoying it!

Class: Essay
    Essay sounds like a boring class, right? Not at Nova! This class is taught by Debbie (one of the best teachers ever since she is really understanding and approachable.) In this class, we have so far written 3 essays: one persuasive,one narrative, and a how to essay. It seems like we would be writing long, painful essays but they are usually about 2-5 pages, and pretty easy once you get started. I came into this class dreading essays but now I really enjoy writing. I would highly recommend this class! Right now, we are watching The Matrix and will be writing an essay on compare and contrast about it!

Class: Blog More
    This class is so good that this is my second semester taking it! It is a really calming class to take, especially if you have anxiety because it is basically an online class. What we do is we all use computers and write really interesting articles! This is the class I am writing this article in. It is a really great class because we learn different styles of writing like how to include interviews or research you've found and I have learned a whole lot. I have written about why I came to Nova, about finours, and wide range of other topics. This is a class I always look forward to coming too.

Class: Jewelry
    This is honestly one of my favorite classes I think because it is so interesting. I love the ability to be creative and put my energy into a project. In this class, you can bead or use metal, which is a personal favorite of mine. I have made some really cool keychains in this class with melted glass. This class can be a little anxiety producing since sometimes things don’t come out right or go missing.

Class: Precalculus
    So, math is NOT my favorite subject. However, with Christina can easily say this class isn’t always boring. Sometimes she has us work creatively to convey a math concept, and other times we watch videos. It is never the same thing and I really appreciate that about her class.