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Becoming a Rat

    Starting at a new school is scary for anyone, right? Well, mix that in with missing the first three days of school and then you can begin to see what the first day at Nova was like for me. The feeling of being new was definitely not a feeling I liked. I walked in knowing almost nobody, and it felt pretty lonely. I remember that my best friend the first day of school was the red circular couch, but that wouldn’t be for long.

    The next day was the first day of classes. I had signed up for: US history, ceramics, health, pre-calc, and blog. Starting off Tuesday morning, I had US history. Well, in the past I hated history. But I knew within that very first day that I would love the way Mike taught it. Since that first day, every morning I wake up looking forward to going to history in the morning. Next class up was pre-calc. I am not a big math fan, and that’s a major understatement. But I learned that if I tried my best, I could actually enjoy it. Last class of Tuesday was health, which was an interesting turn out. I found out that health class was actually one of my favorites of all!

    Wednesday morning was a pretty important moment for me. After US history, I went to my first ceramics class. I instantly loved the whole art room: from the paint to the clay and tools. I was really eager to get started, and couldn’t contain my happiness. I specifically remember meeting one of my friends there. That was the first day that I didn’t sit alone for lunch, and I loved it. One of my new friends ended up being in my blog class as well, which was a great class for me. I love the creativity and freedom of it.

    After that week was over, I thought about my whole week at Nova. I realized that I was so much happier here than I had been at my old school. I think I really fell in love with the whole atmosphere of Nova. From the hardwood floors, to all the couches and windows, it felt like a safe place for me to be in. I knew that Nova was where I should be.