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A View of Nova

    In this article, I have interviewed a few Nova students, and asked them a few questions. The whole purpose is to get an idea of how students here like Nova and their opinions on our school and community. I wanted to see how other students view our school, in a creative way, so I thought to write an article.

Question: How many years have you been here at Nova?

Student #1- “Two.”
Student #2- “Four”
Student #3- “This is my first year at Nova.”
Student #4- “This is my third year but I’m leaving halfway through.”

Question: How did you find Nova?
Student #1- “They sent me a postcard in the mail.”
Student #2- “My dad got a postcard.”
Student #3- “I went to an alternative K-8 whose graduates often go on to attend Nova.”
Student #4- “I knew people whose older siblings went to Nova.”

Question: What is your favorite class here?

Student #1- “Algebra 1 & 2.”
Student #2- “Makers LA.”
Student #3- “I really enjoy Avant Garde Lit.”
Student #4- “All of them??? There are always things that I love and hate about each of my classes at Nova.”

Question: What is your favorite part about the school?

Student #1- “The individuality they offer their students compared to other schools.”
Student #2- “It’s less terrifying than the other schools I’ve been to.”
Student #3- “I personally really appreciate the freedom and respect students are given.”
Student #4- “The emotional vulnerability of its teachers.”


    Throughout gathering answers and interviewing people, I have learned a lot about different students here at Nova. One of the things that I have noticed is that students of all grades, and no matter how long they have been here tend to really enjoy our school and I have seen that students prefer the freedom they have here because it allows us to make our own decisions and to learn from them. Here, it is up to us to get our work done and we are not nagged by anyone. It is our job to be motivated and push ourselves to succeed, but we have coordinators to help keep us on track as well. I have never found a school better than Nova (in my opinion at least), and couldn’t be happier to be a dead rat. I am so lucky to be a part of the Nova community.